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Wix PNG image, easily transferable and compatible with various platforms and devices

What is 00_png_srz file? Understanding and opening 00_png_srz files

00_png_srz file icon Are you facing difficulties opening 00_png_srz files on your computer, or wondering exactly what 00_png_srz file is?
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Wix PNG image, easily transferable and compatible with various platforms and devices

An 00_png_srz file extension is used by Wix an online web designing tool for its PNG picture images.

Further details

 The 00_png_srz file extension is associated with the Wix an on-line web designing tool for creating rich graphics web sites.

The 00_png_srz file contains picture image in PNG bitmap format uploaded to Wix.

The 00_png_srz file is created when you view a picture stored on Wix using a Google Chrome, or Chromium browsers - right click on picture and select Save picture as... option.

Chrome will wanted to save picture with 00_png_srz file extension.

The solution is very simple: rename 00_png_srz file extension to png and you are able to view file in any bitmap picture viewer.

Another web browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer save pictures from Wix with original png extension.

Open 00_png_srz file with:

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XnView MP

A popular utility for viewing and converting graphic files

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Adobe Photoshop

One of the best bitmap graphic editing program

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