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The most commonly used .abc file type: Micrografx FlowCharter data

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.abc file type #1: Micrografx FlowCharter data

Files with abc file extension could be especially in past found as data files from Micrografx Flowcharter program.

Further details

The abc file extension is associated with Micrografx FlowCharter.

FlowCharter is analysis and modeling tool to help organizations understand and improve business processes.

Micrografx was acquired by Corel and the product renamed to iGrafx FlowCharter.

The abc file contains application data used by FlowCharter.

MIME types:

Open abc file with:

iGrafx FlowCharter

Process analysis and modeling tool from Corel

.abc file type #2: ABC programming language data

An abc file extension is related to the ABC programming language data format.

Further details

The abc file extension is associated with ABC programming language.

ABC Language is replacement of BASIC programming language.

The abc file contains some kind of data used by ABC language.

Open abc file with:

ABC programming language

A programmin language

.abc file type #3: ABC-View Manager thumbnail cache

An abc file extension is related to the ABC-View Manager thumbnail cache format.

Further details

The abc file extension is associated with ABC-View Manager, available for Microsoft Windows operating system, developed by ABC-View.

The abc file contains thumbnail cache. File is for internal use of ABC-View Manager.

Open abc file with:

ABC-View Manager

An old image viewer

.abc file type #4: ACT! e-mail address book

Files with abc file extension might also be found as e-mail address book files from Sage Act! software.

Further details

The abc file extension is also used in Sage ACT! personal information management software for Microsoft Windows operating system, developed by The Sage Group.

The abc file contains saved e-mail address book.

Open abc file with:


A personal contacts and information manager by Sage

.abc file type #5: Adobe ActionScript byte code

An abc file extension is related to the Adobe ActionScript programming language. An abc file stores byte code.

Further details

The abc file extension is associated with the Adobe ActionScript, a programming language for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments.

The abc file contains encoded ActionScript created by the Flash compiler.

Open abc file with:

Adobe Flash icon

Adobe Flash

Multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages

Adobe Flash for Mac icon

Adobe Flash for Mac

Mac version of Flash development platform from Adobe

Adobe AIR icon

Adobe AIR

A runtime environment for rich internet applications

Adobe AIR for Mac icon

Adobe AIR for Mac

OS X version of AIR runtime

.abc file type #6: Alembic 3D format

abc files can also be unique 3D graphics files in the Alembic exchange format developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic. 

Further details

ABC extension is also used for 3D Alembic format, an open computer graphics interchange framework. The Alembic framework is a joint project by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Lucasfilm Ltd.

It is used in the visual effects industry for exchanging animated 3D scenes between different software applications. The .abc files can store geometric data, object hierarchy, and also the scene's animation.

Open abc file with:

Autodesk Maya icon

Autodesk Maya

A multi-platform 3D modelling application

Houdini icon


A high-end 3D animation package

Blender icon


A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

Blender for Linux icon

Blender for Linux

Easy-to-use 3D modeling utility

Blender for Mac icon

Blender for Mac

The Mac version of popular free 3D graphics software

.abc file type #7: LithTech game engine 3D model file

Files with abc extension are used by computer games with LithTech game engine. Mostly developed by Monolith company. It is a plugin file format.

Further details

The abc file extension is associated with computer games used LithTech game engine. File contains models that are used in LithTech 3D games. This game engine is used e.g. in F.E.A.R. computer game, mostly the games with LithTech engine are developed by Monolith Productions, Inc.

Open abc file with:

Blood 2: The Chosen icon

Blood 2: The Chosen

A first-Person shooter computer game

F.E.A.R. icon


A psychological horror first-person shooter

.abc file type #8: Musical notation language file

Files with abc extension can be also found as special music notations (songs) in Musical notation language file format.

Further details

File extension abc is associated with the Musical notation language file format that allows users to created music notations developed by Chris Walshaw.

This type of .abc file stores music notation document written in Music Notation Language (folk melodies).

Mime: text/

Open abc file with:

ABC notation language

A language designed to notate tunes in an ascii format

.abc file type #9: TeslaCrypt ransomware encrypted data

Files with abc file extension can be found as renamed encrypted archives affected by infamous TeslaCrypt ransomware.

Further details

The abc file extension is also known to be used for one of the 2015 variants o TeslaCrypt ransomware.

This malicious software encrypts and locks users data and renames the extension to one of the many options, including abc.

TeslaCrypt also leaves instructions and ransom demands in a special text file "HELP_RESTORE_FILES.txt" file found in affected folders.

Open abc file with:


A utiltiy for decryption of TeslaCrypt affected archives

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