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The most commonly used .abt file type: Annotated Braille text

What is abt file? Understanding and opening abt files

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.abt file type #1: Annotated Braille text

Files featuring an abt extension may also be identified as annotated texts in Braille language for the Braille2000 tool.

Further details

ABT file is a document created by Braille2000, a braille transcription software.

It contains braille text, as well as annotations and formatting instructions. The ABT file is used to store and exchange braille documents in a digital format. It can be converted to other formats like .brf (braille readable files) or .txt for printing or embossing.

Open abt file with:


A bold new tool for producing braille

.abt file type #2: ABC-View Manager thumbnail

An abt file extension is related to the ABC-View Manager and used for its thumbnails.

Further details

The abt file extension is associated with the ABC-View Manager, a picture image viewer for Microsoft Windows operating system.

The abt file contains saved thumbnail of picture image generated by ABC-Viewer.

Open abt file with:

ABC-View Manager

An old image viewer

.abt file type #3: Arbiter schedule

Shedule files from The Arbiter software suite feature abt file extension.

Further details

ABT file is a game schedule file used by The Arbiter web-based platform used for sports event management.

It contains a schedule of games, including information about the date, time, location, and teams involved in each game. This file can be imported into the ArbiterSports platform to easily create a schedule for a sports season.

Open abt file with:

The Arbiter .NET

An old online assigning system

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