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aif file icon Did your computer fail to open aif file? We explain what aif files are and recommend software that we know can open your aif files.

What is aif file?

Files with aif extension can be typically found as audio files in the Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF). Playable in most media players nowadays.

aif file description

The aif file extension is sometimes used for Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF), an audio file format developed by Apple. You can use this format to store high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information.

Audio Interchange File Format (or AIFF) is a file format for storing digital audio (waveform) data. It supports a variety of bit resolutions, sample rates, and channels of audio. This format is very popular upon Apple platforms, and is widely used in professional programs that process digital audio waveforms.

Software that will open aif file

VLC media player

One of the most popular multi-platfom multimeda player

VLC media player for Mac

Mac version of the popular VLC player

Adobe Soundbooth

A discontinued audio editor ffrom Adobe

Adobe Soundbooth for Mac

Mac version of now discontinued digital audio editor

Microsoft Expression Encoder

A program for encoding digital video for web-based video

VLC media player for Android

Android version of the popular VLC Media Player

VLC media player for Linux

Linux version of popular VideoLAN player


A free, open source software for recording and editing sounds

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac

Universal video converting software for Mac

Freemake Video Converter

One of the most popular and succesfful free video conversion sofrware

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

Apple Logic Pro

A digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer program


A multimedia player with support for all major formats

Adobe Media Encoder

Multimedia encoding application from Adobe

Adobe Audition for Mac

Mac version of Adobe's prime audio editing software


Audio synthesizer for Windows

Audacity for Mac

A multi-track audio editing tool

Translator Professional

A professional instrument conversion program

Audacity for Linux

Multi-track audio editor for Linux


An animation tool used to animating faces

Adobe Audition

Professional audio editing software from Adobe

DVR365 PC Player

A media player for .dav files

Windows Media Player for Mac OS X

Windows Media Player developed by Microsoft for Apple Mac computers

Switch Audio File Converter Software

A dedicated audio converter


One of the first Windows media players used by masses

WMAConvert Platinum

Audio conversion program


An audio editing software for Windows and Mac

Nero Recode

A multimedia converting tool for Windows

Tiny Audio Converter

Audio converter for Mac

Other aif file extensions

aif - Beatnik Player plug-in file

aif - Object Cobol animator breakpoint details file

aif - OS/2 application information data

An aif file extension is related to the OS/2 operating system. An aif file contains application information data.

aif - QuickBooks Accountant's Review copy data

An aif file extension is related to the QuickBooks and used for its Accountant's Review data.

aif - SmartWare executable program file

aif - Symbian OS EPOC application information file

The aif file extension is related to the Symbian OS and EPOC operating systems. The *.aif file stores application information.

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the file name, so for example filename.mp3 has file extension „mp3“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

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