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The most commonly used .apg file type: Ivana animated GIF file

What is apg file? Understanding and opening apg files

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.apg file type #1: Ivana animated GIF file

Files with apg extension are used for some graphic files created by Ivana company programs.

Further details

The apg file extension is related to files some graphic files used by some programs developed by Italian company Ivana.

The *.apg extension files are basically renamed animated *.gif files.

We are sorry, there is currently no software link record to open this apg file type.

.apg file type #2: APGen script

An apg file extension is associated with the APGen and used for its script files.

Further details

The apg file extension is also related to APGen, a script programming environment for pre-rendering Web pages and for generating other content developed by WebGecko. It looks like the company is out of bussiness and the program no longer supported.

The apg file used in APGen contains scrips.

Open apg file with:


An old ASP generator

.apg file type #3: PowerAda Aprobe data

An apg file extension is related to the PoweAda Aprobe software. An apg file contains data.

Further details

The apg file extension is also used by PoweAda Aprobe, a patented software instrumentation technology that lets you monitor the execution of a software application, log data, or alter its behavior.

Open apg file with:


IDE for Ada applications

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