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The most commonly used .asc file type: Autodesk ASCII export file

What is asc file? Understanding and opening asc files

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.asc file type #1: Autodesk ASCII export file

asc file extension is used for ASCII version of 3D content export from various Autodesk software for data interchange purposes. It is one of the earlier exchange formats from Autodesk, often replaced by modern solutions.

Further details

ASC file represents ASCII 3D export format used in several Autodesk software, including 3ds Max, Civil 3D or Moldflow Insight.

It is a text-based file format used to store 3D scene information, such as geometry, materials, lighting, and camera settings. This format is often used for exchanging data between different 3D modeling and animation software.

Since it is text-based, it can be opened and edited with any text editor. But you need a 3D modeling tool to visualize the content properly.

Open asc file with:

3ds Max (3D Studio Max) icon

3ds Max (3D Studio Max)

A widely-used 3D animation application from Autodesk

.asc file type #2: Adobe Flash ActionScript communications scripts

Files with asc file extension can be also found as scripts written in Adobe Flash ActionScript. Used to control login 

Further details

The asc file extension is also related to Adobe Flash and used for one of its default file types. These scripts are written in server-side ActionScript for Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server application.

You can use Server-Side ActionScript to control login procedures, control events, communicate with other servers, allow and disallow users access to various server-side application resources, and let users update and share information.

Open asc file with:

Adobe Flash icon

Adobe Flash

Multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages

.asc file type #3: Apohysis script

An asc file extension is related to the Apohysis and used for its script files.

Further details

The asc file extension is used for a script file used by Apohysis, a freeware program for Microsoft Windows operating system used for designing and rendering fractal flames.

The asc script contains (almost) any sequence of program commands.

Open asc file with:


A freeware fractal rendering and design program

.asc file type #4: Text in ASCII format

ASC files contain text data in the ASCII format. They can be edited in any text editor. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Further details

ASC file is a plain text file that contains data or information represented in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format.

ASCII is a character encoding standard that represents text in computers and other devices that use text. These files can be opened by most text editors.

Open asc file with:

NotePad++ text editor icon

NotePad++ text editor

A free source code and text editor for Windows

.asc file type #5: Atari Jaguar sound patch

An asc file extension is related to the Atari Jaguar gaming console. An asc file contains sound patch.

Further details

The asc file extension is associated with gaming console Atari Jaguar. File contains ASCII version of Jaguar Synth sound patch.

This is MADMAC source code file that is typically included by one of the source code files used with the Jaguar Synth and Music driver.

We are sorry, there is currently no software link record to open this asc file type.

.asc file type #6: Atlantis Word Processor spellchecker data

An asc file extension is related to the Atlantis Word Processor, a word processor. An asc file contains spellchecker data.

Further details

The asc file extension is also used by Atlantis Word Processor for its spellchecker files. Atlantis is used for creating simple rich-formatted text documents. No further information could be found.

Open asc file with:

Atlantis Word Processor icon

Atlantis Word Processor

A shareware word processor program

.asc file type #7: LTspice circuit design

Sometimes asc files can also be identified as circuit schematic files that have been created and stored using LTspice.

Further details

ASC file in LTspice is a text-based file that contains a circuit schematic created with the software.

It includes all the information about the components, connections, and settings used in the circuit design.

Open asc file with:

LTspice IV icon

LTspice IV

A Spice III simulator

.asc file type #8: PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) signature

Files with asc file extension can be also found as digital signatures for the Pretty Good Privacy data encryption tool.

Further details

File extension asc is also known to be used by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), a data encryption and decryption computer program for Windows.

Tis type of .asc files contain PGP digital signatures.

MIME types:

Open asc file with:

Pretty Good Privacy

An old program used to protect and share information online

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