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The most commonly used .asd file type: Microsoft Word automatic backup

What is asd file? Understanding and opening asd files

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.asd file type #1: Microsoft Word automatic backup

Documents with asd extension are document backup files from Microsoft Word. These files preserve modifications made to an open document in the event of an unexpected program closure.

Further details

ASD file represents automatically saved document in Microsoft Word word processor, part of Office 365

It is automatically saved by Word in case the program crashes or the user accidentally closes a document without saving changes.

These backup files allows the user to recover work that might otherwise be lost. They are typically saved in the "AutoRecovery", but should be recovered when you open Word again.

Open asd file with:

Microsoft Word icon

Microsoft Word

One of the most popular word processor program from Microsoft Office suite

Office 365 icon

Office 365

Subscription-based service for Microsoft Office applications

.asd file type #2: Ableton Live audio analysis data

An asd file extension is related to the Ableton Live software. An asd file stores audio analysis files.

Further details

The asd file extension is associated with the Ableton Live, a music composing and mixing software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X (macOS) operating systems.

The asd file stores audio analysis data.

Open asd file with:

Ableton Live icon

Ableton Live

A program for writing, producing and performing music

.asd file type #3: Advanced Streaming Format description data

Files with asd file extension can also be found as metadata files for Advanced Systems Format (ASF) multimedia file format.

Further details

The asd file extension is also used for a description files for Advanced Systems Format (ASF), the standard video format included in basic media formats supported by Microsoft Windows.

Probably contains metadata related to the actual multimedia file.

Open asd file with:

Microsoft Windows Media Player icon

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

.asd file type #4: Alphacam stone drawing file

Files with asd suffix may also be found as stone drawings created using the Alphacam CAD/CAM and NC programming software.

Further details

File extension asd is also related to the Alphacam, a NC programming, CAD and CAM applications for Microsoft Windows, developed by the Planit Solutions Inc. The .asd file stores stone drawing created in Alphacam.

Open asd file with:


A fully featured CAD/CAM solution compatible with any CNC machine

.asd file type #5: ASD Archiver compressed archive

An asd file extension is related to the ASD Archiver compressed archive format.

Further details

The asd file extension is associated with the ASD Archiver.

A freeware archiver from Sweden. Versions available for DOS, Windows, and Linux, with Win9x long filename support. Includes source for extraction from ASD archives.

The asd file contains compressed archive.

Open asd file with:

ZipZag icon


A compression utility that supports over 250 archive formats

.asd file type #6: Astound presentation

An asd file extension is related to the Astound, a presentation software. An asd file stores presentation.

Further details

The asd file extension is associated with Astound, a presentation software, developed by Gold Disk Inc..

The asd files contain presentations created by the application.

Most likely some old format without support. No further information could be found.

Open asd file with:


A multimedia composing software

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