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List of file extension entries starting with the letter a (page 10)

  • .arxml AUTOSAR XML format
  • .ary SmartStart scripting toolkit data
  • .arz Titan Quest game database
  • .as Adobe Flash ActionScript document
  • .as$ Microsoft Word temporary file
  • .as2 ACTIVstudio resource data
  • .as2proj FlashDevelop project
  • .as3 APL*PLUS source code file
  • .as3a ActivInspire resource data
  • .as3proj FlashDevelop project
  • .as4 IBM AS/400 client access data
  • .as4a ActivInspire resource pack
  • .as? LoseThos Assembly source code
  • .asa ArcGIS ArcScene data
  • .asab Repo temporary output data
  • .asar Electron IDE archive
  • .asat Assemble SAT 3D model
  • .asax ASP.NET application optional source
  • .asb Alphacam stone VB macro
  • .asbx Microsoft ASP.Net BridgeHandler data
  • .asc Autodesk ASCII export file
  • .ascii Text Data in ASCII format
  • .ascm Adobe Content Server message file
  • .ascs Adobe Device Central data
  • .ascx Active Server Pages web user control data
  • .asd Microsoft Word automatic backup
  • .asdatabase Microsoft Visual Studio data
  • .asdb Active-HDL accelerated waveform
  • .asdvdcrtproj Aimersoft DVD Creator project
  • .ase 3D Studio Max ASCII scene export data
  • .asec Android encrypted app package
  • .asef Adobe swatch exchange
  • .asep Separator for Mac data
  • .asf Advanced Systems (streaming) format
  • .asg Airport Tycoon saved game
  • .asgp HP-UX NIS Maps configuration
  • .ash Turbo Assembler (TASM) header
  • .ashbak Ashampoo Burning Studio backup archive
  • .ashdisc Ashampoo disk image file
  • .ashdisk Mistyped ASHDISC file
  • .ashlang Ashampoo Media Player+ data
  • .ashprj Ashampoo Burning Studio project
  • .ashx Web handler file for ASP.NET
  • .asi Assembly language header
  • .asic ASIC source code
  • .asice Associated Signature file
  • .asics Associated Signature Containers - Simple (ASiC-S) file format
  • .asis Apache as is data
  • .asj Aldfaer genealogy data
  • .ask askSam database
  • .asl Adobe Photoshop layer style
  • .asm Assembler source code
  • .asmdat Extech Light Meter archive
  • .asmdot SolidWorks assembly template
  • .asmprp SolidWorks assembly custom properties tab template
  • .asmx Active Server Plus Web Services source data
  • .asn Atlantis Word Processor sound scheme
  • .asn1 Avaya MIB definition data
  • .asnd Adobe Soundbooth sound document
  • .aso Adobe Flash cache
  • .asp Active Server Page script page
  • .aspf Adobe Type1 Fonts mac file type
  • .aspi Audio Catalyst CD-ROM driver file
  • .aspr ASProtect related data
  • .asproj Microsoft Visual Studio Analysis Services project file
  • .aspx ASP.NET script file
  • .asq AGRESSO SQL statement data
  • .asr Adobe Photoshop scratch area
  • .asrp Arc Standard Raster Product file
  • .ass Subtitles in Advanced SubStation Alpha format
  • .assbin Substance Painter scene
  • .assecurityinformation Microsoft Analysis Services database
  • .asset Unity game engine files
  • .assetgroup F1 2015 game data
  • .assetproj Camtasia Studio asset information data
  • .assets Unity Engine assets package
  • .assistant HP Printer Utility for Mac assistant plugin
  • .assoc Associate This file association database file
  • .asstrm Splinter Cell Blacklist game data
  • .assy Siemens NX assembly data
  • .ast Adobe Photoshop color separation table
  • .ast2 Astrotite data
  • .asta Project from Astah
  • .astx Adobe Story exported script
  • .asu ToolBook package definition
  • .asv Adobe Photoshop selective color data
  • .asvf Asphyre Sphinx archive
  • .asvx Finale auto saved score
  • .asw ACDSee slideshow wizard
  • .aswcs avast! antivirus compressed skin
  • .asws avast! antivirus skin
  • .asx Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector
  • .asxml XML music playlist
  • .asy LTspice IV circuit diagram
  • .asz LoseThos assembly source code
  • .as_ Winhelp compressed file
  • .at1 KJT-200 calibration software absorbance data
  • .at2 Adobe Persuasion auto template
  • .at3 Airport Tycoon 3 saved game
  • .at3p AmpliTube preset

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.at3p" has the file extension "at3p". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

We can help you open your file

In our database, we have collected a huge number of different file extensions, detailed descriptions, and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with the file extensions listed in our database.
This database is an invaluable resource for users who want to understand better file extensions and what they can do with them. It also allows users to know different file types with the same purpose.

Only verified software links are provided

We have verified every software listed in our database. The software listed in our database includes links to the developer's or software's website. These links should allow you to download the right program for each file type. Using verified software from reputable sources helps minimize the risk of malware and viruses infecting your computer.