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List of file extension entries starting with the letter b (page 9)

  • .bva Biovision motion file
  • .bvc BV6 QSL Management and Label Printing file
  • .bvd BitDefender vault container
  • .bvf iRock digital voice recorder audio data
  • .bvh Biovision Hierarchy Animation Format
  • .bvi IBM Voice Type languages newuser data
  • .bvl Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 textures file
  • .bvn Hundegger CNC machining format
  • .bvp Bluevoda Website Builder data
  • .bvr Blue Iris video
  • .bvs BVS Solitaire Collection data
  • .bvw SmartWare backup standard view data
  • .bvx OptiTune install package
  • .bvxd OptiTune manifest
  • .bvy Breevy text snippet
  • .bvz BAMZOOKi video data
  • .bw Silicon Graphics image file
  • .bw1 FMEA database file
  • .bwa BlindWrite BWA Builder physical CD characteristics data
  • .bwb Visual Baler spreadsheet
  • .bwc BeadWizard color palette
  • .bwd BanglaWord file
  • .bwe Black and White 2 environment data
  • .bwf Broadcast wave file format
  • .bwg BrainWave Generator data
  • .bwi BlindWrite CD/DVD image
  • .bwm Blaise data
  • .bwp Painkiller Overdose game data
  • .bwpr PlainHTML project
  • .bws BlindWrite subchannel data file
  • .bwt Blindwrite control data
  • .bwu Blindwrite CD copier data
  • .bwv Business Wave data
  • .bww Music notation for Bagpipe Music Writer
  • .bwx HP BridgeWorks data
  • .bwz WinImage batch configuration
  • .bx Opera browser data
  • .bxa LogiBlox signal aliasing information
  • .bxb BasicX compiled project bytecode
  • .bxd Broken Cross Disk Manager database
  • .bxf Breeder eXchange Format
  • .bxi Blaise data
  • .bxl Turbo-Basic XL data
  • .bxm BasicX-24 basic express compiler map
  • .bxml Bean XML file
  • .bxp BasicX-24 basic express compiler module list
  • .bxrc Bochs configuration
  • .bxt ETH2DALI firmware
  • .bxu PictureGear Studio data
  • .bxx Bank of America loan docs
  • .bxy NuFX archive within a Binary II envelope
  • .bxz itaup.bxz malware data
  • .by PSpice data
  • .byo Bayo CartoExploreur cartographic map
  • .byp ByP data
  • .bytes Unity binary text asset data file
  • .byu Movie.BYU geometry data
  • .bz BZIP compressed file archive
  • .bz1 WinTOTAL automatic backup
  • .bz2 bzip2 compressed file archive
  • .bza bzip2 compressed file archive
  • .bzabw AbiWord Bzip2 compressed document file
  • .bzf Game data
  • .bzi DBAN kernel data
  • .bzip BZIP compressed archive
  • .bzip2 BZIP compressed archive
  • .bzm Business Map data
  • .bzn Star Trek: Armada map
  • .bzp2 BZIP2 archive
  • .bzplug Corel AfterShot Pro plugin
  • .bzr Binary font
  • .bzs BlueZone script
  • .bzt Rocket Tab data
  • .bzw BZFlag map
  • .bzz BuzzBundle file
  • .b~k Microsoft Windows 3.x data

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the computer file name, so for example document-name.pdf has file extension „pdf“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

We can help you to open your file

Our database contains a huge list of different file extensions, usually with detailed description and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with that particular file type.

Only original software

Every software listed in our database is verified and ve provide link to the developer or to the software own website, which should hopefuly be enough for you to download the most recent version of the program.