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List of file extension entries starting with the letter e (page 8)

  • .eyaml Visual Studio Code data
  • .eye Eyemail ETI Camcorder Pro video data
  • .eyml Visual Studio Code data
  • .eyp Eyapp grammar data
  • .eys Sierra Expanded Embroidery Format
  • .ez EZ Word word processor document
  • .ez2 EZPix Secure Photo Album photo package
  • .ez3 EZPix Secure Photo Album photo package
  • .ezb EasyBoot image
  • .ezc EZScreen Screen Saver Editor data
  • .ezconfig Remote Control Software data
  • .ezd WSxM image data
  • .ezdraw EazyDraw picture
  • .eze ErZorScript source code
  • .ezf Calculus EZ-Fax fax document
  • .ezg EZGraphs source code
  • .ezhex Logitech Harmony configuration file
  • .ezk EasyKrypt encrypted data
  • .ezl EasyLog log record
  • .ezlog Skype Extras Manager log
  • .ezm EasyOffice mail data
  • .ezp EDIUS project
  • .ezpx GoLabel document
  • .ezs Sunburst Technology easy sheet document
  • .ezsetup EasyBits setup package
  • .ezt Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt data
  • .eztut Logitech Harmony tutor data
  • .eztutor Logitech Harmony tutor file
  • .eztv EZTV tv show video
  • .ezup Logitech Harmony firmware upgrade file
  • .ezupgrade Logitech Harmony firmware upgrade
  • .ezw easyOFFER real estate form
  • .ezz Alpha Crypt virus encrypted data

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the computer file name, so for example document-name.pdf has file extension „pdf“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

We can help you to open your file

Our database contains a huge list of different file extensions, usually with detailed description and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with that particular file type.

Only original software

Every software listed in our database is verified and ve provide link to the developer or to the software own website, which should hopefuly be enough for you to download the most recent version of the program.