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List of file extension entries starting with the letter l (page 3)

  • .lgr Elasto Mania character skin
  • .lgs Microsoft Windows application log
  • .lgt Age of Mythology world lighting effect
  • .lgu LG's upgrade file
  • .lgv Debugging Tools for Windows Logger log
  • .lgw ANSYS Workbench data
  • .lgx Logistix spreadsheet
  • .lgz Microsoft Windows application log
  • .lh3d Live Home 3D project
  • .lha LH ARC compressed archive
  • .lharc LH ARC compressed archive
  • .lhd Label Home document
  • .lhex LiteOS data
  • .lhp Lighthouse Organizer data
  • .lhr Quicken Financial Life for Mac financial data
  • .lhs Literate Haskell programming language source code
  • .lhw LHWarp Compressed Amiga archive
  • .lhx LineTracker firmware upgrade
  • .lhz LHA Compressed file archive
  • .lhzd Live Home 3D project
  • .li3d BeLight Live Interior 3D design
  • .li5 LOGINventory data
  • .lia P-CAD schematics library
  • .lib Library data file format used by the Microsoft Linker tool
  • .lib4d Cinema 4D data library
  • .library CATIA library
  • .library-ms Microsoft Windows 7 library description data
  • .libzip Camtasia Studio zipped library
  • .lic Various license file
  • .license RealStrat composing software license file
  • .licensekey Coriolis iPartition license information
  • .licenses Microsoft Visual Studio licensed classes
  • .lickey AVS4YOU license key
  • .licrypt Encrypted file
  • .licx Microsoft Visual Studio license
  • .lid Quicken 2002 Deluxe data
  • .lif LEGO Digital Designer resource
  • .life LIGHT data
  • .liff Improvision Openlab LIFF image
  • .lig INet-Server file
  • .lighthouse-pledge Lighthouse Pledge data
  • .lighthouse-project Lighthouse project
  • .lightinglibrary Corel Painter lighting presets
  • .lightwave Lightwave 3D layered object
  • .lij Apple Photos data
  • .lijs Apple Photos data
  • .lik Trojan.Win32.Agent.lik data
  • .lily PCSX2 LilyPad configuration data
  • .lim Nikon Laboratory Imaging format
  • .lime Lattice QCD Interchange Message Encapsulation format
  • .lin AutoCAD linetype definition
  • .link CodeWarrior data
  • .linq LINQPad data
  • .linux Linux data
  • .linx Bridge base data
  • .liongthelostamuletssavedgame Liong The Lost Amulets saved game
  • .lip SLIP file format
  • .lipg LiPG parser data
  • .liq CollegeBAR Liquor Cabinet
  • .liquid Shopify Liquid template
  • .lir ADI Ocelot settings
  • .lis Structured Query Reporting output data
  • .lisp LISP translators file
  • .list Microsoft Entourage recipient list
  • .lit Microsoft Reader eBook
  • .litcoffee Literate CoffeeScript source code
  • .litemod Minecraft mod archive file
  • .lith DROPS simulator lithology data
  • .little Mozilla Firefox start-up cache
  • .liv Living Actor actor data
  • .livesubscribe Symantec Antivirus update catalog
  • .liveupdate Symantec Liveupdate data
  • .lix ExtendSim library
  • .liz Compressed list data
  • .lizd BeLight Live Interior 3D compressed design
  • .ljb Lightjockey database
  • .ljp Lossless JPEG bitmap image
  • .ljpg Lossless JPEG image
  • .lk# Autodesk multi-user coordination lock data
  • .lkf INTUS Terminal keyboard settings
  • .lkg HP-UX configuration data
  • .lkh Worm.Generic.LKH virus data
  • .lko Microsoft Outlook Express file
  • .lkp Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) data
  • .lkr MPLAB linker data
  • .lks Offline Liberkey packages
  • .lku ST Microelectronics linked unit data
  • .ll List & Label preview
  • .ll3 Laplink III document
  • .llb LabVIEW application program library file
  • .llc LapLink saved connection file
  • .lld Loan Level Disclosure data
  • .lle LAT Low-Energy event data
  • .llf IITM local language data
  • .llg LADSIM ladder logic diagram
  • .lli AutoCAD landscape library
  • .lll 1000 Miglia game data
  • .llm Second Life mesh
  • .llog Legit Log C++ Library data
  • .llp Lotto Logic 2002 lottery configuration file

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "" has the file extension "llp". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

We can help you open your file

In our database, we have collected a huge number of different file extensions, detailed descriptions, and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with the file extensions listed in our database.
This database is an invaluable resource for users who want to understand better file extensions and what they can do with them. It also allows users to know different file types with the same purpose.

Only verified software links are provided

We have verified every software listed in our database. The software listed in our database includes links to the developer's or software's website. These links should allow you to download the right program for each file type. Using verified software from reputable sources helps minimize the risk of malware and viruses infecting your computer.