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List of file extension entries starting with the letter q

  • .q Tinn-R Editor data
  • .q&a Questions and answers document
  • .q0 Japanese Q0 bitmap image
  • .q00 Quicken 2000 tax return
  • .q01 Quicken 2001 tax return
  • .q06 QuickTax 2006 accounting data
  • .q07 QuickTax 2007 tax return data
  • .q08 QuickTax 2008 tax return
  • .q09 QuickTax 2009 tax return
  • .q1 Winamp equalizer preset
  • .q1a QSI Q1A sound
  • .q1q LunarCell Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  • .q2 Winamp auto-load preset
  • .q2d Quick3DCover design
  • .q2q Flexify Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  • .q2renderer Quake 2 for Mac renderer plug-in file
  • .q3c Quick3DCover project
  • .q3d Quickdraw 3D data
  • .q3o Quick3D model
  • .q3x QuickDraw 3D extension
  • .q43 Aqbanking Q43 file format
  • .q4q Solar Cell Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
  • .q5q SuperBladePro preset
  • .q5r Melancholytron Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  • .q7q India Ink plug-in data
  • .q8r Flood Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
  • .q98 Quicken 98 tax return
  • .q9q Blade Pro plugin
  • .q9s Mr. Contrast Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  • .qa GPS quality assessment data
  • .qaa WinQSB data
  • .qac C++ dedicated PROGRUN data
  • .qad Corel WordPerfect Office thumbnail
  • .qaf Qedoc Quiz Player autolaunch data
  • .qal OpenMap quality data
  • .qam Epson QuickAnime Player plugin
  • .qap Omnis Quartz application
  • .qar QlikView plug-in
  • .qat Microsoft Office quick access toolbar info
  • .qb Diploma question
  • .qb1 Quicken data
  • .qb2005 QuickBooks 2005 for Mac backup
  • .qb2006 QuickBooks 2006 for Mac backup
  • .qb2007 QuickBooks 2007 for Mac backup
  • .qb2008 Quickbook 2008 for Mac backup
  • .qb2009 QuickBooks 2009 for Mac backup
  • .qb2010 QuickBooks 2010 for Mac backup
  • .qb2011 QuickBooks 2011 for Mac backup
  • .qb2012 QuickBooks 2012 for Mac backup
  • .qb2013 QuickBooks 2013 for Mac backup
  • .qb2014 QuickBooks for Mac 2014 backup
  • .qb2015 QuickBooks 2015 backup
  • .qba QuickBooks accountant review copy data
  • .qbb QuickBooks backup
  • .qbd Quicken keyboard layout file
  • .qbe Corel Quattro Pro saved query file
  • .qbf QuickBASIC font
  • .qbi QuickBooks image file
  • .qbj QuickBooks data
  • .qbk QuickTax backup
  • .qbl Business Lawyer document
  • .qbm QuickBooks portable company data
  • .qbmb QuickBooks backup file
  • .qbmd QuickBooks backup
  • .qbo QuickBooks online bank statement data
  • .qbp QuickBooks printer file
  • .qbquery MySQL Query Browser saved SQL query command data
  • .qbr QuicBooks report template
  • .qbs Microsoft QuickBasic program
  • .qbt QuicBooks temporary rebuild file
  • .qbw QuickBooks company data
  • .qbx QuickBooks Accountant transfer data
  • .qby Quickbooks Accountant's import data
  • .qbz Quick Trial Balance data
  • .qc Quake C script file
  • .qc3 Memory-Map data
  • .qca Ericsson Phone Doubler Quick Call data
  • .qcc QC-CALC data
  • .qcd QuarkXpress article data
  • .qcf QuikCAT compressed data
  • .qch Quicken for MS-DOS data
  • .qci Cliq accessories phonebook index
  • .qcif QCIF RAW video format
  • .qck Jigsaw 2 astrological tool data
  • .qcm Quick Command data
  • .qcn Backup drive for Qualcomm QPST
  • .qcow QEMU Copy-On-Write data
  • .qcow2 QEMU Copy-On-Write data
  • .qcp Qualcomm PureVoice QCELP recorder and player voice
  • .qcs CADQC standard file format
  • .qct QuarkXpress article template
  • .qd SHARP MZ-series emulator data
  • .qd0 Omnis Quartz segment 10 data
  • .qd1 Omnis Quartz segment 1 data
  • .qd2 Omnis Quartz segment 2 data
  • .qd3 Omnis Quartz segment 3 data file
  • .qd3d QuickDraw 3D meta file
  • .qd4 Omnis Quartz segment 4 data
  • .qd6 Omnis Quartz segment 6 data
  • .qd7 Omnis Quartz segment 7 data

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.qd7" has the file extension "qd7". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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This database is an invaluable resource for users who want to understand better file extensions and what they can do with them. It also allows users to know different file types with the same purpose.

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