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List of file extension entries starting with the letter s

  • .s Source files or scripts
  • .s#+a RagTime 2 file
  • .s00 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 1)
  • .s01 Corel WordPerfect distribution data
  • .s02 Corel WordPerfect distribution data
  • .s03 Corel WordPerfect distribution file
  • .s04 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 5)
  • .s05 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 6)
  • .s06 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 7)
  • .s07 TaxCalc 2007 data
  • .s08 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 9)
  • .s09 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter compressed file archive (part 10)
  • .s10 Brasfoot saved game
  • .s10w S10 WebAlbums data
  • .s11 Sealed MPEG-1 video
  • .s12 WISO Steuer-Sparbuch 2012 data
  • .s16 Football Manager game data
  • .s19 Motorola EEPROM programming data
  • .s1j Sealed file
  • .s1p Touchstone 1 s-parameter data
  • .s2 Motorola S-record format
  • .s28 Genesis or Sega32X ROM image
  • .s2a Yamaha media data
  • .s2b Yamaha custom RAM voice data
  • .s2d Agilent EEsof EDA s-parameter data
  • .s2db SQLite 2.0 database
  • .s2e SWF to EXE Converter project
  • .s2k Sasami2K Subtitle file
  • .s2m Stronghold 2 map
  • .s2ma Starcraft 2 map
  • .s2mh StarCraft 2 map header
  • .s2mi Starcraft 2 cache
  • .s2ml StarCraft 2 map localization
  • .s2mv Starcraft 2 map preview image
  • .s2p Sonnet S-device parameter data
  • .s2qh StarCraft 2 localization header
  • .s2r RegMagik data
  • .s2s Spike2 script
  • .s2t Scia2Tekla plugin
  • .s2z S2Games Savage game data
  • .s3 Motorola S-record data
  • .s31 SmartWhois data
  • .s37 Motorola S-record format
  • .s3b Monarch firmware
  • .s3d Micrografx Simply 3D project
  • .s3db SQLite database (3.0)
  • .s3dx Shape3D drawing
  • .s3f Battle Academy 3D model
  • .s3g MakerBot 3D print
  • .s3i ScreamTracker v3 instrument
  • .s3l Scorched 3D model
  • .s3m Scream Tracker v3 module
  • .s3p AKAI MESA II/PC S-series program
  • .s3r RTL Ski Jumping replay
  • .s3t Scorched 3D tankpack
  • .s3z Amiga and PC Tracker module
  • .s43 IAR assembly source
  • .s48 Jutel RadioMan MPEG2 audio
  • .s4d RIAM AVA Motion S4D data
  • .s4e Airplay SDK header file
  • .s4m SWAT 4 map
  • .s4mi Motorola Skin Editor data
  • .s4p Touchstone 16 s-parameters data file
  • .s4t S4/TEXT and tagless editor data
  • .s4ud Samsung Smart TV video
  • .s57 International Hydrographic Organization vector image
  • .s5d Siemens Step 5 source code
  • .s62 Code::Blocks ASM source code
  • .s6savegame The Settlers Rise of an Empire saved game
  • .s7 Sibelius music notation
  • .s7f STEP 7 project
  • .s7p SubSeven malware
  • .s7s Sony Ericsson S700i Phone firmware data
  • .s7z 7-zip compressed file
  • .s8 SIMUL8 simulation data
  • .s85 SABRE StaffPlan chart
  • .s8l SAP GUI data
  • .s8theme Start8 theme
  • .s98 NEC PC-98 audio data
  • .sa Xiaomi Redmi hidden file
  • .sa1 Panasonic AAC data
  • .sa2 Suprise! adlib tracker music module
  • .sa3 WinDS PRO data
  • .sa4 Delorme Street Atlas USA data
  • .sa5 SecretAgent archive
  • .sa7 Street Atlas map document
  • .sa8 Street Atlas 8 map document
  • .sa9 Hue and Cry Adobe Photoshop plug-in file
  • .saa SecretAgent encrypted archive file
  • .saas Sass Indented Syntax data
  • .sab 3D ACIS binary data
  • .sab2 NVision 3D scanner data
  • .sabl Call ot Duty: Black Ops audio library
  • .sabs Call ot Duty: Black Ops sound archive
  • .sacd JRiver Media Center data
  • .sacred2save Sacred 2 saved game
  • .sad Lucas Arts sound data
  • .saf Spatial Archive Interchange Format
  • .safariextz Apple Safari extension
  • .safe eCypher cryptographic container

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "" has the file extension "safe". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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