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List of file extension entries starting with the letter v (page 5)

  • .vmrs Hyper-V virtual machine runtime state data
  • .vms Dreamcast VMU save file
  • .vmsd VMware snapshots and metadata
  • .vmsg Versit format
  • .vmsn VMware snapshot state
  • .vmss VMware suspended state
  • .vmt Valve Material Type data
  • .vmtm VMware team configuration
  • .vmtr Doom game data
  • .vmu NanoZoomer uncompressed slide images
  • .vmv VirtualNES or VisualBoyAdvance file
  • .vmwarevm VMware virtual machine package
  • .vmx VMware configuration data file
  • .vmxa VMware ACE master configuration
  • .vmxf VMware team virtual machine configuration
  • .vmz Novapoint protected virtual map
  • .vna Video Capture album
  • .vnc VNC configuration file
  • .vncloc Apple Screen Sharing internet location data
  • .vnd Medlin Accounting vendor information
  • .vnf Vision Numeric font
  • .vns Visual Net Server data
  • .vnscene EdgeFX scene
  • .vnt Decorating Vignette web interior decorating plug-in
  • .vnu CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer project
  • .vnw Renamed RAR archive
  • .vo2 Celestial Impact map
  • .vob DVD video
  • .voc Creative Labs sound data
  • .voca Julius vocabulary
  • .vod WorldGroup Manager Video On Demand movie
  • .vof VZ Programmer object folder
  • .voi Voyetra voice file
  • .vok PocketVoc vocabulary
  • .vol Volume data file
  • .vol1.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 1)
  • .vol2.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 2)
  • .vol3.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 3)
  • .vol4.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 4)
  • .vol5.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 5)
  • .vol8.egg Split Multi-volume ALZip EGG compressed file archive (part 8)
  • .volarchive CopyCatX volume
  • .vom Voice-O-Matic viseme mapping data
  • .vop Visual Orangator project
  • .voprefs Apple VoiceOver document
  • .vor or StarOffice template file
  • .vos Virtual Orchestra Studio song database file
  • .voucher Amazon Kindle e-book information
  • .vox ADPCM Dialogic sound data
  • .vox-6k Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM audio
  • .vox-8k Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM audio
  • .voxal Voxal Voice Changer project file
  • .voxb Voxler data
  • .vp Visual Passage Planer profile
  • .vp10 VP10 video codec media
  • .vp2 Vee-Hive library
  • .vp3 VP3 encoded video
  • .vp4 Crystal Player data
  • .vp5 CrystalPlayer video
  • .vp6 VP6 encoded video
  • .vp7 TrueMotion VP7 video
  • .vp8 VP8 video codec video
  • .vp9 VP9 video
  • .vpa VPchat chat gestures data
  • .vpb Quantel VPB image format
  • .vpc ViziGen source code
  • .vpc6 Virtual machine package
  • .vpc7 Virtual machine package
  • .vpcache Visual Pinball rendered table cache
  • .vpcbackup Windows Virtual PC backup
  • .vpd Visual Paradigm Online diagram
  • .vpdb VIP Organizer information database
  • .vpe Adobe Photoshop Extended vanishing point
  • .vpf Vector Product Format
  • .vpg VideoPad video
  • .vph Virtual Pascal help data
  • .vpi Virtual Pascal OS/2 unit data
  • .vpj VideoPad project
  • .vpk Valve Pak Archive for Steam NCF
  • .vpl Karaoke Player playlist
  • .vplugin Orcs Must Die! plugin file
  • .vpm Garmin voice
  • .vpn WinGate VPN configuration
  • .vpo VASTprogrammer data
  • .vpol Normal Form data
  • .vpp Red Faction package file
  • .vpp_pc Saints Row 2 game data
  • .vpr Adobe Premiere preset
  • .vprj VideoReDo project file
  • .vprog Akai VIP program
  • .vproj Project from VSDC Free Video Editor
  • .vps avast! Antivirus virus definition file
  • .vpt Visual Pinball table data
  • .vpu avast! update package
  • .vpv Vantum Video Presentation Viewer data
  • .vpw SlickEdit workspace
  • .vpx avast! Antivirus update
  • .vqa Command and Conquer video data
  • .vqc QuickCopy file
  • .vqd VisiQuick data

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.vqd" has the file extension "vqd". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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