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cda file icon Did your computer fail to open cda file? We explain what cda files are and recommend software that we know can open your cda files.

What is cda file?

Files with cda extension is generally associated with tracks found on audio CDs. Typically located on all original audio discs, ie. not ripped to MP3s. It can be played in all audio or media players.

cda file description

File extension cda is used for tracks stored on an audio CD.

The .cda files are representations of CD audio tracks and do not contain the actual pulse code modulation (PCM) information. You cannot play the file if you copy a .cda file from the CD-ROM to your hard disk.

If you want to grab audio tracks from the audio CD, you have to use audio grabbing utilities. Grabbed audio track is often in the WAV format with 16-bit sample size, 44.1 kHz, Stereo. Some audio grabbers support direct conversion of the CD audio tracks to the other audio formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG etc.

Some media players, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes, can grab audio CDs to your media library in your selected audio format.

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Software that will open cda file

VLC media player

One of the most popular multi-platfom multimeda player

Apple iTunes for Mac

Program used to organize and plays your digital music and video

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

Other cda file extensions

cda - 2020 Giza Studio specifier typical data

Files with cda file extension can be found as specifier typical data files from 2020 Giza Studio sales and planning tool.

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the file name, so for example filename.mp3 has file extension „mp3“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

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