Open CRYPT12 file

The most common choise: WhatsApp Messenger database backup

How to open WhatsApp Messenger database backup .crypt12 files

crypt12 file icon Have you had trouble opening the crypt12 file on your computer? What are crypt12 files? We explain what they are and recommend software that we know will open them.

What is crypt12 file?

crypt12 files are older backup files from WhatsApp Messenger instant messaging application for Android.

WhatsApp Messenger database backup description

crypt12 file is a type of encrypted database file used in previous versions of WhatsApp Messenger, an instant messaging application for smartphones. This file contains a 256-bit AES encrypted database of messages sent and received through the app.

The .crypt12 file is stored on the device's SD card or internal memory under the path /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases.

The crypt12 file is part of a series of database files WhatsApp has used over the years, starting from .crypt, ending with .crypt14.

The number denotes the encryption protocol being used. To open a crypt12 file, you would need a key file which is stored in the system files of your phone. Without this key file, the crypt12 file cannot be decrypted and read.

Suggested software to open crypt12 file

WhatsApp for Android

Popular instant messaging client for Google Android

WhatsApp Tri-Crypt (Omni-Crypt)

Android app used to decrypt and convert CRYPT files

WhatCrypt Tools

Online service for WhatsApp databases

WhatsApp Viewer

A utility for viewing WhatsApp chat history

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