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.kmp file type #1: Korg Trinity audio

A kmp file extension is related to the Korg Trinity and Triton. A kmp file contains audio data.

Further details:

The kmp file extension is associated with the Korg Triton and Trinity music workstation synthesizers developed by Korg in 1999.

The kmp file stores audio data in 8 or 16 bit sound format used by Korg Triton or Trinity.

Open file with:

Awave Studio icon

Awave Studio

Audio editting software with huge format support

Translator Professional

A professional instrument conversion program

WAVE Xtractor icon

WAVE Xtractor

Audio extraction tool

.kmp file type #2: Correlate K-Map KnowledgeMap data

A kmp file extension is related to the Correlate K-Map software. A kmp file stores data.

Further details:

The kmp file extension used by Correlate - Correlate "Knowledge Map" projects contain employee communications, customer information, best practices, sales/financial reports, emails and other electronic content located in different repositories, file systems, servers, and programs.

Open file with:


A document organizing tool

.kmp file type #3: Keyman Desktop package

A kmp file extension is associated withe the Keymap Desktop software. A kmp file contains package.

Further details:

The kmp file extension is mainly related to Keyman Desktop.

Keyman Desktop is a program used to virtualize almost any keyboard in any language.

The kmp file is compiled from a Keyman Package source file (KPS) using the Package Editor in Keyman Developer.

Open file with:

Keyman Desktop

A virtual keyboard software

.kmp file type #4: Knowledge Manager compressed map

A kmp file extension is related to the Knowledge Manager compressed map format.

Further details:

The kmp file extension is used by Knowledge Manager, probably now distributed as Knowledge Master.

Most likely some old format without support from developer. No further information could be found.

Open file with:

Knowledge Master

A concept mapping software

.kmp file type #5: Mario Kart Wii course description data

A kmp file extension is related to the Mario Kart Wii video game. A kmp file course description data.

Further details:

The kmp file extension is associated with Mario Kart Wii, a racing video game for Wii Console developed and published by Nintendo.

The kmp files contain information about start positions, check points, etc.

Open file with:

Mario Kart Wii icon

Mario Kart Wii

Popular car racing game for Wii from the Mario Kart series

SZS Modifier

A program for creating Mario Kart Wii texture hacks

KMP Modifier

An expander for Ninento KMP files

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