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The most commonly used .mda file type: Microsoft Access add-in

What is mda file? Understanding and opening mda files

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.mda file type #1: Microsoft Access add-in

Files with mda file extension can be usually found as add-ins for Microsoft Access database management, part of Microsoft Office.

Further details

The mda file extension is associated with Microsoft Access, a database management system, part of Microsoft Office Suite developed by Microsoft Corporation.

The typical .mda files contain add-ins, which add new functions and features to Microsoft Access, such as VBA scripts, macros or other editable objects. The latest versions of Microsoft Access are using the .accda files instead.

Note: Earlier versions of Microsoft Access were using the mda file extension for workspace files.

Open mda file with:

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Microsoft Access

A relational database management system from Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office

One of the most popular and powerful office suites on market

.mda file type #2: MicroDesign area data

An mda file extension is related to the MicroDesign software. An mda file stores area data.

Further details

The mda file extension is also related to now discontinued program called MicroDesign.

There were two different MDA file formats. The earlier MicroDesign2 format used a simple compression technique to reduce continuous areas of white and black, while the latert MicroDesign3 format uses a more sophisticated technique which generally results in smaller disk files.

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