Open MPC file

The most common choise: MusePack audio data

How to open MusePack audio data .mpc files

Have you had trouble opening the mpc file on your computer? What are mpc files? We explain what they are and recommend software that we know will open them.

What is mpc file?

An mpc file extension is associated with the MusePack audio files encoded by MusePack audio codec.

MusePack audio data description

The mpc file extension is related to Musepack, a purely variable bitrate codec that does not work at a constant bitrate.

A big part of Musepack's quality comes from its highly variable bitrate handling which results in low bitrate for less demanding regions of the audio data and higher bitrate where it's needed.

This allows mpc files to be as small as possible and not lose any valuable bits like encoders that work at a constant bitrate.

After all, the purpose of a lossy audio encoder is to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible file size, and Musepack represents progress, as opposed to old, suboptimal legacy methods.

The mpc is an audio file format like MP3. To play, try use some plug-in for your player eg. MusePack Winamp Plugin

File extension mpc replaces old file format with file extension MP+.

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Suggested software to open mpc file


A audio lossy compression format based on MPEG-1 Layer-2 / MP2 algorithms

There are other MPC filename extensions with the same .mpc suffix

mpc - MP3 Collector MP3 collection data

Files with MPC extension might also be found as MP3 collections for MP3 Collector Music program.

mpc - Magick persistent cache image file format

An mpc file extension is related to the Magick persistent cache image file format.

mpc - Microsoft Project calendar file

Files with mpc extension are used by Microsoft Project program. They were used in previous versions of the program. 

mpc - VersaPro compiled motion block

Files with mpc file extension might also be found as part of VersaPro programming environment for GE programmable logic controllers.

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