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.mts file type #1: AVCHD MPEG-2 transport stream

An mts file extension is used for video files in Advanced Video Coding High Definition format, often used in various camcorders. It is supported in most modern media players such as VLC player or Windows Media Player.

Further details:

The mts file extension is associated with video files, that are used AVHCD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) video format.

AVHCD video format was developed for tapeless camcorders. Video can ber recorded by camcorder, that is used mediums as DVD, hard disk drive, solid state disk (SSD) or memory cards (SD card, Memory Stick). Developers of the AVHCD are Sony and Panasonic. AVHCD format was introduced in 2006.

Now AVHCD video format use camcorder producers such as Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Canon, Hitachi and JVC (JVC uses AVHCD and own video format with file extension tod).

AVHCD video format uses MPEG-4AVC/H.264 (AVC) video coding. Maximal video resolution is 1080p. Audio is coded by Dolby Digital audio AC-3 codec. Some models of professional camcorders support audio in uncompressed linear PCM format.

AVHCD video format is designed to be full compatible with Blu-ray Disc video format. AVHCD video can be played in Blu-ray players without other encoding.

Sony and Panasonic uses some brand names for their professional or simplified versions of AVHCD. Panasonic uses AVHCD Lite brand name for camcorders with limited resolution of the captured video to 720p.

AVCCAM brand name is used by Panasonic for professional AVHCD camcorders. Sony uses NXCAM brand name for their AVHCD professional camcorder series.

Open file with:

Media Player icon

Media Player

Windows 11 default media player.

VLC media player icon

VLC media player

One of the most popular multi-platfom multimeda player

Microsoft Windows Media Player icon

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

Pinnacle Studio icon

Pinnacle Studio

A professional video editing application

Free Studio icon

Free Studio

All-in-one package of DVDVideoSoft utilities and converters

Freemake Video Converter icon

Freemake Video Converter

One of the most popular and free video conversion sofrware

HandBrake for Linux icon

HandBrake for Linux

HandBrake for Linux is free multimedia transcoder

HandBrake for Mac icon

HandBrake for Mac

HandBrake for OS X is a free and poplular multimedia and video conversion utility

Adobe Premiere Pro icon

Adobe Premiere Pro

A timeline-based video editing software from Adobe

iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac

A multimedia converter for Mac

.mts file type #2: MadTracker sample file

Files with mts extension are used by MadTracker music tool. They include some stored audio samples.

Further details:

The mts file extension is associated with the MadTracker music composition tool for Microsoft Windows operating system. The .mts file stores audio sample that can be used in MadTracker application.

Open file with:


A versatile music composition program

.mts file type #3: MetaCreations Streaming 3D Viewer file

Files with mts extension are used for Streaming 3D Viewer plug-in. They allow user to view 3D scenes created in Meta Creations application.

Further details:

File extension mts is also associated with Streaming 3D Viewer plug-in for Internet Explorer that allows users to view 3D scenes created in MetaCreations applications and streamed through Internet. It seems to have been discontinued years ago.

Mime types used: application/metastream, model/vnd.mts

.mts file type #4: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis tree session

Files with mts file extension are used by Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) tree session format.

Further details:

The mts file extension is associated with the MEGA (Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis), an application for testing DNA and protein sequences.

The mts file contains tree session from MEGA app.

Open file with:


DNA analysis software

.mts file type #5: Viewpoint iPix data

An mts file extension is related to the Viewpoint iPix software. An mts file contains data.

Further details:

The mts file extension is associated with the Viewpoint iPix, a utility for Windows that is used to integrate iPIX and QuickTime VR object movies into Viewpoint scene.

The mts file stores various data used for internal purposes of the Viewpoint iPix.

Open file with:


A rich media application viewer

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.mts" has the file extension "mts". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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