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7ev3n ransomware affected file

What is r5a file? Understanding and opening r5a files

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7ev3n ransomware affected file

Files with r5a extension can be found as encrypted and renamed archives affected by the 7ev3n ransomware.

Further details

The r5a file extension is mostly related to a 7ev3n ransomware that appeared in late January 2016. 7ev3n encrypts users files and demands 13 bitcoins as ransom. Another version was discovered in later April of the same, labeled as 7ev3n-HONE$T.

A .r5a file represents encrypted and renamed original file. If you have 10 files in a folder, you will find them named 1.r5a, 2.r5a up to 10.r5a.

The file type known to be targeted by 7ev3n ransomware include: dbf, arw, txt, doc, docm, docx, zip, rar, xlsx, xlsb, xlsm, pdf, jpg, jpe, jpeg, sql, mdf, accdb, mdb, odb, odm, odp and ods.

On top of that, 7ev3n also installs several .bat files at critical locations that can trash your computer. It can also change registry and prevent you from using certain key combinations.

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Decoders for 7ev3n ransomware

A set of tools for decrypt files affected by 7ev3n ransomware

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