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The most commonly used .rpt file type: Various report files

What is rpt file? Understanding and opening rpt files

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.rpt file type #1: Various report files

Various .rpt files are in most cases report files output files from software, frequently utilized for additional analysis. Can be database, spreadsheet, or sometimes just text documents.

Further details

RPT files in most cases are various report files that come from many different software.

These files can have a form of database exports, spreadsheets, or other data sources. It is often used for business reporting.

Crystal Reports, a business reporting application, is one of the most common programs that uses this file format, but there are certainly others available as well.

Open rpt file with:

Crystal Reports icon

Crystal Reports

A utility used to design interactive reports

.rpt file type #2: BI/Query report specification

Files with rpt file extension are related to the Hummingbird BI/Query program.

Further details

The rpt file extension is associated with the BI/Query, a query and reporting program, used for analyse data from enterprises databases, developed by Hummingbird.

The rpt file contains report specification.

We are sorry, there is currently no software link record to open this rpt file type.

.rpt file type #3: Sage MAS 90 data

An rpt file extension is related to the Sage MAS 90 enterprise resource planning software.

Further details

The rpt file extension is associated with the Sage MAS 90, an enterprise resource planning software including financial, business intelligence, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), eBusiness, manufacturing and distribution management etc.

The rpt file stores various data for internal purposes of the MAS 90.

Open rpt file with:

Sage MAS 90 icon

Sage MAS 90

A suite of business intelligence tools

.rpt file type #4: Sierra Mastercook cookbook

An rpt file extension is related to the Sierra Mastercook. The rpt file contains cookbook.

Further details

The rpt file extension is associated with the MasterCook, a cookbook and cook recipes database stored in the electronic interactive form.

The rpt file stores cookbook with recipes, cook instructions, pictures etc.

Open rpt file with:

MasterCook icon


An electronic cookbook

.rpt file type #5: Systems Management Server (SMS) replication data

An rpt file extension is associated with the Systems Management Server (SMS). An rpt file contains replication data.

Further details

The rpt file extension is related to the Systems Management Server (SMS), a management software that allows administrators to manage large groups of Windows computers.

The rpt file stores replication data.

Open rpt file with:

Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) icon

Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)

A systems management application for Windoww systems

.rpt file type #6: TrueNet Print template

An rpt file extension is associated with the TrueNet Print and it is used for templates.

Further details

The rpt file extension is used for templates in TrueNet Print. TrueNet is a java based disc publishing software.

These templates were used in one of the previous versions of the program.

Open rpt file with:

TrueNet FX

A disk publishing software

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