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The most commonly used .spj file type: PhotoStage project

What is spj file? Understanding and opening spj files

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.spj file type #1: PhotoStage project

Special slideshow projects from a tool called PhotoStage have specific spj extension.

Further details

SPJ file is a project file created by PhotoStage Slideshow Producer, a software used to create slideshows from photos, videos, and music.

It contains references to media files, slide transitions, effects, and audio tracks. SPJ files do not contain actual media data, but instead reference the location of the files on the user's system.

Open spj file with:

Photostage Slideshow Maker

A dynamic slideshow maker

.spj file type #2: Digitrax sound project

An spj file extension is related to the Digitrax program. An spj file stores sound project.

Further details

The spj file extension is associated with the Digitrax software, developed by Digitrax, Inc.

The spj file contains sound project created with Digitrax software.

Seems to be obsolete product without support.

We are sorry, there is currently no software link record to open this spj file type.

.spj file type #3: Image Composite Editor panorama project

Files with spj file extension are used by Image Composite Editor from Microsoft. An spj file contains panorama image.

Further details

The spj file extension is related to the Image Composite Editor, a tool for Microsoft Windows operating system, which allows users to create panorama images.

The spj file stores project with panorama created in Microsoft ICE.

Open spj file with:

Image Composite Editor icon

Image Composite Editor

An advanced panoramic image stitcher

.spj file type #4: Site Publisher project file

You can recognize projects from the Helexis Site Publisher by the specific spj extension. A bit outdated format.

Further details

SPJ file is a project file created by Site Publisher, a website management tool used for updating web server content.

It contains website project data including local and remote directory locations, file filters, and FTP settings. SPJ files are used to save and load website update projects.

Open spj file with:

Site Publisher

A web design software

.spj file type #5: SPSS production job data

An spj file extension is related to the IBM SPSS program. An spj file stores production job data.

Further details

The spj file extension is associated with the SPSS, a planning, data collection, analysis, reporting software for Microsoft Windows, developed by IBM.

The spj file contains production job data (series of commands) for SPSS used to automate processes.

Open spj file with:

SPSS icon


A statistic and analytic software from IBM

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