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The most commonly used .vcd file type: CD image file from VirtualDrive

What is vcd file? Understanding and opening vcd files

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.vcd file type #1: CD image file from VirtualDrive

vcd file extension is linked with VirtualDrive and is utilized for files containing a full CD image that can be simulated using the software.

Further details

VCD file, or VirtualDrive CD image file, is a disc image file format used by VirtualDrive, a disc emulator and disc management software.

The VCD file contains an exact copy of the data from a physical CD/DVD and can be mounted onto the virtual drive created by the software.

It is used to create a virtual CD/DVD drive on your computer, allowing you to play games, run applications, and play multimedia directly from your hard drive without the need for the physical disc.

Open vcd file with:

VirtualDrive icon


A disk managing and virtualization program for Windows

.vcd file type #2: Value change dump

A vcd file extension is related to the GTKWave and other programs. A vcd file stores data dump.

Further details

The vcd file extension is associated with applications used for logic simulation, such as GTKWave and various others.

The vcd file contains data dump. No further information could be found.

Open vcd file with:


A GTK+ based wave viewer

.vcd file type #3: Valve Choreography Data format

A vcd file extension is related to the Valve Choreography Data format used by Source engine based video games.

Further details

The vcd file extension is associated with the Source engine, which is used by various computer games from Valve Corporation, like Half-Life 2, Portal, etc.

Valve Choreography Data (VCD) is a proprietary file format used to store choreography data in a vaguely XML-like plain text format.

Some Source based games, also use customized Source SDK (known as Authoring Tools) for their modding.

Open vcd file with:

Source SDK icon

Source SDK

Development software for creating mods and content for the Source engine

Half-Life 2 icon

Half-Life 2

Sequel to legendary 3D first person shooter

.vcd file type #4: Video CD format

Old CD videos in MPEG format can be sometimes found with .vcd extension. Used decades ago, but still supported in many media players.

Further details

VCD file, or Video CD MPEG movie, is a digital file format that was in the past used to store video and audio data on CDs. These files are typically encoded in MPEG-1 format and have a .dat file extension.

They can be played on most DVD players, as well as on computers using media player software. The quality of a VCD is similar to that of a VHS tape.

Open vcd file with:

Microsoft Windows Media Player icon

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

.vcd file type #5: Virtual CD-ROM CD image

Files with vcd file extension can be also found as disk images made using the Virtual CD software from H+H GmbH.

Further details

The vcd file extension is also associated with Virtual CD program by H+H Software GmbH. The program allows you to make virtual images of a CD so you don't have to keep the CD in the drive.

The .vcd file is data container used to store CD-ROM image in Virtual CD-ROM CD image file format.

MIME types:

Open vcd file with:

Virtual CD icon

Virtual CD

A CD/DVD emulator

.vcd file type #6: VisualCADD drawing

Files with vcd file extension can be also found as technical CAD drawings from somewhat older VisualCADD CAD/CAM software for Windows.

Further details

The vcd file extension is also related to VisualCADD, a now probably discontinued CAD software for Microsoft Windows. 

The vcd file contains CAD drawing created and saved in the program.

Open vcd file with:

Visual CADD

A CAD 2D design and drafting software

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