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What is vcf file?

Files with vcf file extension are almost always contacts saved in vCard format. Typically used various Personal Information Managers or e-mail clients (for example Outlook), as well as exported from mobile phones, for the purposes of sharing or migrating contacts from one device to another.

vcf file description

The vcf file extension is most likely best known for its use for vCard format, universal standard for storing personal or business contacts, including such data as name, e-mail, social networks, address, or phone numbers.

These files are frequently used for import and export of contacts between two programs or devices and their respective address books. They can also be send as e-mail attachments.

The VCF format is well-supported in apps and programs on both desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). Unfortunately, some programs have difficulties with reading .vcf files that contain more than one contact.

For example, certain versions of Microsoft Outlooks only import the first contact from the file. Hence why it is usually best to export contacts on file per contact basis to avoid possible complications.

The internal structure of .vcf files may wary a little and special tags may be used by some programs.

In Google Android for example, contacts are stored in a single .vcf file and separated by tags BEGIN and END. When exported to memory card, these files can be found in the System/PIM subdirectory on the memory card and named PIM00001.vcf, PIM00002.vcf and etc. The highest number represents the latest version of the contacts and the lower numbers the previous versions.

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Software that will open vcf file

Address Book (Contacts) for Mac

Contact management tool for macOS

Microsoft Outlook

An e-mail management tool distributed with Microsoft Office suite


A software to manage, edit and share electronic business vcards

VCard Explorer

A vcf files editing tool

Other vcf file extensions

vcf - Variant Call Format

Files with vcf extension may also be found as special DNA sequence data files saved in the Variant Call Format.

vcf - Vevi configuration data

A vcf file extension is related to the Sense8s WorldToolKit and used for its Vevi configuration data.

vcf - VirtualDub processing settings

A vcf file extension is related to the VirtualDub, a free video capture and processing software for Windows. A vcf file stores processing settings.

vcf - VPHybridCAD native drawing format

A vcf file extension is related to the VPHybridCAD software and used for its drawing files.

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the file name, so for example filename.mp3 has file extension „mp3“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

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