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VOX files: what are they and how do I open them?

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.vox file type #1: ADPCM Dialogic sound data

Files with vox extension is may be often found as sound files in ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) audio format.

Further details:

The vox file extension is commonly related to a Dialogic ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) codec.

Similar to other ADPCM formats, it compresses to 4-bits.

Vox format files are close to WAV files, except that a vox file contains no information about the file itself, so the codec sample rate and number of channels must first be specified in order to play a vox file.

Open file with:

Awave Studio icon

Awave Studio

Audio editting software with huge format support

Sound Forge icon

Sound Forge

A digital audio editing software from Sony

Adobe Audition icon

Adobe Audition

Professional audio editing software from Adobe

Adobe Audition for Mac icon

Adobe Audition for Mac

Mac version of Adobe's prime audio editing software

.vox file type #2: Adobe Audition wave sound

A vox file extension is related to the Adobe Audition wave sound format.

Further details:

Files with vox file extension are used by Adobe Audition (also known as Cool Edit Pro), a digital audio workstation software for Microsoft Windows and OS X (macOS).

The vox file stores wave sound from Adobe Audition.

Open file with:

Adobe Audition icon

Adobe Audition

Professional audio editing software from Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

Adobe Creative Cloud

Latest, subscription based productivity suite from Adobe

Adobe Creative Suite icon

Adobe Creative Suite

Set of professional software tools for graphic design, video editing and web development

WavePad icon


An audio editing software for Windows and Mac

.vox file type #3: Express Scribe dictation

A vox file extension is related to the Express Scribe and used for its dictation data.

Further details:

The vox file extension is associated with Express Scribe , a professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to help transcribe audio recordings.

The vox file contains dictation captured by Express Scribe.

Open file with:

Express Scribe

A dedicated audio player for transcriptioning

.vox file type #4: G.711 voice audio

A vox file extension is related to the G.711 voice audio format.

Further details:

The vox file extension is associated with the G.711 voice audio format.

An ITU standard for speech codecs that provides toll quality audio at 64 Kbps using either A-Law or mu-Law PCM methods.

The G.711 format has been the standard for digitizing voice by the telephone companies starting in the 1960s. However, newer algorithms have lowered the bit rate considerably, and respectable quality can be obtained at 16 Kbps and well below that, depending on the quality of all the components in the system.

.vox file type #5: Voxlap voxel model

Files with vox file suffix are related to the Voxlap video gaming engine. A vox file stores voxel model.

Further details:

The vox file extension is related to the Voxlap, a video gaming engine for Microsoft Windows operating system, which offers users to create video games based on voxel graphics.

Voxlap was developed by Ken Silverman, an author of popular Build engine, used by various first person shooter games from the 90'.

The vox file contains voxel models.

.vox file type #6: VoxWare dialogic audio data

A vox file extension is related to the VoxWare dialogic audio data format.

Further details:

The vox file is a metaVoice encoded audio file that uses a mathematical algorithm to simulate human speech. It is based on the Dialogic ADPCM codec. Probably obsolete file format.

Open file with:


A voice management solution

Blaze Media Pro

A multimedia converter

Acez All Audio Converter

A powerful audio conversion program

Audio Record Expert

A sound recording software

Smart Sound Recorder

An universal audio recording software

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