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.x file type #1: Lex language source code

Files with x extension can be found as source codes written and saved in Lex programming language format.

Further details:

The x file extension is used for files that contain source code written in the Lex programming language (a standard lexical analyzer for Unix). May be processed with the lex utility included with most Unix distributions to generate a C program.

Open file with:

Flex for Windows

A lexical analyser generator

.x file type #2: Alysis SuperDisk self-extracting archive

An x file extension is related to the Alysis SuperDisk self-extracting archive file format.

Further details:

The x file extension is associated with the SuperDisk, an archiving and compression tool for Apple Mac OS operating system developed by Alysis.

The x file contains self-extracting archive created in the SuperDisk.

Open file with:


A file compression tool for old Macintosh computers

.x file type #3: Chemical modeller output data

An x file extension is related to the Chemical modeler output file format.

Further details:

The x file extension is used for XMOL molecule model files. Used in cheminformatics applications and on the web for storing and exchanging 3D molecule models.

Plain text tabular format. Represents a single chemical compound. Stores atomic coordinates and meta-information. Does not store chemical bond information. Developed in 1990 at the Minnesota Supercomputer Center.

.x file type #4: Human68k operating system executable

An x file extension is related to the executable files of programs for Human68k operating system.

Further details:

The x file extension was also used in Human68k, an MS-DOS like operating system for Sharp Corporation's personal workstation X68000. Developed by SHARP and Hudson Soft.

The x file stores program executable data.

.x file type #5: Microsoft Direct-X SDK 3D graphics

Files with x file extension might also be found as ASCII graphics files from DirectX development tools.

Further details:

The x file extension is associated with the Microsoft DirectX framework and used for files that contain ASCII formatted 3D positional chart with additional graphical data for 3D environments (objects) meshes.

The x file stores Mesh data (with vertex normals, vertex uv texture coordinates and vertex colors), materials, texture references, hierarchy and object animation.

Historically, in the early 1990s the leading 3D game engine was "Rendermorphics" from Ireland. Microsoft purchased the Rendermorphics company and renamed their technology to "DirectX v3" in 1995.

The 3 Irish developers subsequentely left Microsoft a few years later in 1997, after which time the DirectX X file format did not change, except for some additions of mesh skinning prior to 1999.

Open file with:

DirectX icon


API from Microsoft

Blender icon


A very popular free program used for work with 3D graphics

Amapi 3D

An old 3D modeling software


A DirectX x-file viewer

FPS Creator

A first person shooter game developing tool

CINEMA 4D icon


CINEMA 4D is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering program developed by MAXON


A 3D CAD translation software

3D Object Converter

3D viewer and converter with huge file type support

AccuTrans 3D

A CAD 3D geometry translation software

Online 3D Model Converter

A free online 3D model conversion service

.x file type #6: Stardent AVS X bitmap image

An x file extension is related to the Stardent AVS X bitmap image file format.

Further details:

The x file extension is related to a very old program called Application Visualisation Software (AVS) that was sold by Stardent in early 90s.

The x file is bitmap image crated in AVS.

The AVS image format is pretty straightforward. It consists of an 8 byte header followed by a,r,g,b per pixel, ordered top to bottom, left to right. (a == alpha, r == red, g = reen, b == blue) Each colour/alpha component is 1 unsigned byte. The header simply consists of the width and height of the image, each as 4 byte unsigned integers.

Note the format assumes a byte ordering as per SGI/Macintosh/Motorola processors, if reading an AVS image from a machine with the opposite byte ordering then the appropriate byte swapping is required.

Open file with:

XnView MP icon

XnView MP

A popular utility for viewing and converting graphic files

.x file type #7: X11 server import image

An x file extension is related to the X11 server import image file format.

Further details:

The x file extension is associated with the X11 (X Window System), a framework used to visualize GUI on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

The x file contains server import image used by X Window System.

.x file type #8: XBLite program

Am x file extension is related to the XBLite programming language. An x file contains program source code written in XBLite.

Further details:

The x file extension is associated with XBLite, a concise, simple, powerful, Windows programming language which combines the speed of C with the ease of a BASIC syntax.

The XBLite compiler is free, open-source, and published under GPL and LGPL licenses.

Open file with:


One of the many programming languages for Windows

.x file type #9: Xview object

An x file extension is related to the XView, a widget toolkit for X Window System. An x file stores object.

Further details:

The x file extension is associated with XView, a widget toolkit from Sun Microsystems introduced in 1988. It provides an OPEN LOOK user interface for X Window System applications, with an object-oriented application programming interface (API) for the C programming language.

Its interface, controls, and layouts are very close to that of the earlier SunView window system, making it easy to convert existing applications from SunView to X. Sun also produced the User Interface Toolkit (UIT), a C++ API to XView.

The XView source code has been freely available since the early 1990s, making it the "first open-source professional-quality X Window System toolkit".XView was later abandoned by Sun in favor of Motif (the basis of CDE), and more recently GTK+ (the basis of GNOME).

XView was reputedly the first system to use right-button context menus, which are now ubiquitous among computer user interfaces. However, the claim to that first may in fact lie with Acorn Computers' Arthur operating system, which was released in 1987, though it used the middle mouse button rather than the right.

The .x files contain object data used by XView.

Open file with:

SunOS icon


A unix operating system for workstations and servers

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