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ALG files: what are they and how do I open them?

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.alg file type #1: ER Mapper algorithm data

Files with alg file extension are mainly related to ER Mapper program and used for its algorithm data files.

Further details:

The alg file extension is related to EP Mapper. Instead of a disk-to-disk based processing used by older technology products (even if they hide it behind a GUI), ER Mapper combines processing steps into an algorithm, and uses this to display the processed imagery.

This means files of any size, with any level of complexity, can be processed in real time. No more waiting, and no more temporary disk files. And when it's time to save the processed image, all that needs to be saved is the algorithm file, a small (normally 6K or less) ASCII text file.

Open file with:

ERDAS ER Mapper icon


A visualization software

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (ArcView) icon

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (ArcView)

A GIS application used to work with geographic data

.alg file type #2: InRoads Survey alignment data

An alg file extension is related to InRoads Survey. An alg file contains alignment data.

Further details:

The alg file extension is associated with the InRoads Survey that offers a sleek graphical tool for reduction of data - from electronic field books and global positioning systems - for use in the InRoads civil design and engineering environment.

The alg file stores alignment data.

Open file with:

InRoads Survey

A civil engineering software

.alg file type #3: PDP-10 ALGOL compiler source

An alg file extension is related to the PDP-10 ALGOL programming language. An alg file contains sources for compiler.

Further details:

The alg file extension is associated with the ALGOL (ALGOrithmic Language) a programming language for PDP-10 mainframe computers. The .alg file stores source for compiler.

The PDP-10 was a mainframe computer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from the late 1960s.

Most likely some old format without support. No further information could be found.

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.alg" has the file extension "alg". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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