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List of file extension entries starting with the letter g

  • .g Corel Paradox data
  • .g00 Clannad picture image
  • .g01 MicroSim PCBoard photoplot artwork
  • .g03 MicroSim PCBoard photoplot artwork
  • .g09 ATARI picture image
  • .g0s Metal Gear Solid V game data
  • .g1 Gerber inner routing layer 1
  • .g10 Garmin GPS map
  • .g11 Atari Graphics 11 picture image
  • .g12 CAMtastic Mid Layer 12 gerber data file
  • .g13 CAMtastic Mid Layer 13 gerber data file
  • .g14 CAMtastic Mid Layer 14 gerber data
  • .g15 CAMtastic Mid Layer 15 gerber data
  • .g16 GoldED DOS compiled configuration
  • .g18 Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
  • .g1a CASIO Model 9860 add-in
  • .g1e CASIO calculator storage
  • .g1l Casio model 9860 data
  • .g1m Casio Model 9860 BASIC program
  • .g1n CASIO calculator storage
  • .g1r Casio Model 9860 image file
  • .g1s CASIO calculator storage
  • .g1w CASIO Fx-9860G SDK project
  • .g2 Gerber inner routing layer 2
  • .g2d Alexander game data
  • .g2e CASIO calculator storage
  • .g2g Star Formation KITP 2007 data
  • .g2m GoToMeeting video
  • .g2n FontForge glyph to name map
  • .g2p CMU Sphinx model
  • .g2r CASIO calculator memory data
  • .g2w Geoplan-Geospace data
  • .g3 G3 fax
  • .g32 Microsoft FRx general ledger index file
  • .g36 Recomposer MIDI Sequencer music file
  • .g3a Casio Prizm program
  • .g3d GenDesigner genealogy database
  • .g3f Zetafax fax file
  • .g3m Casio Prizm memory data
  • .g3n Imaging Fax image
  • .g3p Casio Prizm graphics
  • .g3w Geoplan-Geospace data
  • .g3x RealFlight content data
  • .g4 Microsoft Access image format
  • .g42 DLS/32 supply chain planning data
  • .g4b Sokoban++ level data
  • .g5 CAMtastic mid layer gerber data file
  • .g64 C64 emulator disk image
  • .g64x Security Center video recording
  • .g721 Raw CCITT/ITU G.721 4-bit ADPCM sound format
  • .g722 G.722 wideband audio
  • .g723 Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 ADPCM sound format
  • .G723-3 Raw CCITT/ITU G.723 3-bit ADPCM sound
  • .g726 Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 ADPCM sound data
  • .g726-2 G726-2 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 2-bit ADPCM sound
  • .g726-3 G726-3 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 3-bit ADPCM sound format
  • .g726-4 G726-4 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 4-bit ADPCM sound format
  • .g726-5 G726-5 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 5-bit ADPCM sound
  • .g8 Cubicomp PictureMaker green channel image data file
  • .g94 Gaussian 94 output chemical modeller input
  • .ga3 Graphical Analysis document
  • .gaa GAL-ANA data
  • .gab Dencom Global Address Book export file
  • .gac Microsoft Groove data
  • .gad Geodict data
  • .gadgeprj Gadge It project
  • .gadget Windows sidebar gadget
  • .gae Unknown file extension
  • .gaf Total Annihilation animated bitmap format
  • .gai Adobe SING Glyphlet Manager data
  • .gal GenePix array list
  • .galapagosavedgame Galapago file
  • .galaxy Blizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy script file
  • .gallery SMART Notebook gallery data
  • .gallerycollection SMART Notebook gallery collection
  • .galleryitem SMART Notebook gallery item
  • .galsave Galactrix saved game
  • .gam Game data
  • .gambas Gambas application
  • .game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 game data
  • .gamedata Ballhalla game data
  • .gameproj GameSalad game project
  • .gamestats Unreal Tournament 3 GamePlayEvents stream
  • .gamout GAMESS Output chemical modeller file
  • .gan GanttProject project plan
  • .gap PhotoImpact pencil style data
  • .gar GPS_COM waypoint data
  • .garmin Garmin Hacking Project data
  • .gas Grab-a-Site project
  • .gasx GOM Media Player data
  • .gat Genetic Algorithm Timetabler (GATTer) Configuration and Information file
  • .gau Gaussian input data
  • .gax Age of Empires II saved game
  • .gaz Age of Empires II saved game
  • .gb Nintendo Gameboy ROM image
  • .gb1 Game Maker backup
  • .gb7 MASGAU archive
  • .gba GBA Emulator ROM image
  • .gba.ds DeSmuME ROM image
  • .gbaskin GBA4iOS controller skin

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.pdf" has the file extension "pdf". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

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