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The most commonly used .as file type: Adobe Flash ActionScript document

What is as file? Understanding and opening as files

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.as file type #1: Adobe Flash ActionScript document

An as file extension is associated with the Adobe Flash for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. An as file stores ActionScript document.

Further details

The as file extension is associated with Adobe Flash and used for so called ActionScript documents.

ActionScript is a scripting language based on ECMAScript. It is used primarily for the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform (in the form of SWF files embedded into Web pages), but is also used in some database applications (such as Alpha Five), and in basic robotics, as with the Make Controller Kit. Originally developed by Macromedia, the language is now owned by Adobe (which acquired Macromedia in 2005).

ActionScript was initially designed for controlling simple 2D vector animations made in Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash). Later versions added functionality allowing for the creation of Web-based games and rich Internet applications with streaming media (such as video and audio).


Open as file with:

Adobe Flash icon

Adobe Flash

Multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

Adobe Creative Cloud

Latest, subscription based productivity suite from Adobe

Adobe Flash for Mac icon

Adobe Flash for Mac

Mac version of Flash development platform from Adobe

.as file type #2: AppleSingle encoded data

An as file extension is related to the AppleSingle file format. It is old and obsolete format.

Further details

Typically, these are given the extension .dat and the MIME-type in the E-mail system is set to properly identify them; however, .as extension is sometimes used. Probably used on older Apple computers and Apple OS.

AppleSingle is file format developed by Apple Computer in order to store Mac OS "dual-forked" files on the Unix filesystem being used in A/UX, Apple's first Unix-like operating system. AppleSingle combined both file forks and the related Finder meta-file information into a single file. Support for the format was later added to Unix software such as NFS and MAE, but they saw little use outside this small market.

Mime types:

Open as file with:

macOS icon


A Unix-based desktop operating system for Apple Mac computers

Mac OS X icon

Mac OS X

Unix-based operating system for Apple Mac computers

.as file type #3: Applix / IBM Cognos spreadsheet

Files with as extension can still be found as old data sheets / spreadsheets from Applix / IBM Cognos software.

Further details

File extension as was also used for the default data sheet / spreadsheet format in some old versions of Applix / IBM Cognos products.

These .as files were sheets created and used by Applix applications.

Open as file with:

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Set of programs with BI capabilities query and reporting, analysis, dashboards, scorecards and more

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