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The most commonly used .asl file type: Adobe Photoshop layer style

What is asl file? Understanding and opening asl files

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.asl file type #1: Adobe Photoshop layer style

Files with asl extension can be typically found as layer styles for Adobe Photoshop graphics editor. May contain effects like border shadows, color overlay and more.

Further details

File extension asl is most likely best known for its use in Adobe Photoshop graphic editor for files that contain Photoshop Styles.

Styles can be applied to an object or layer in a Photoshop document. These might include effects like a bevel, drop shadow, color overlay, or borders.

Open asl file with:

Adobe Photoshop icon

Adobe Photoshop

One of the best bitmap graphic editing program

Adobe Photoshop for Mac icon

Adobe Photoshop for Mac

Mac version of popular digital image editor

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

Adobe Creative Cloud

Latest, subscription based productivity suite from Adobe

.asl file type #2: AppSight console log

An asl file extension is related to the AppSight monitoring tool. An asl file stores log created by AppSight console.

Further details

The asl file extension is related to AppSight and used for its log files.

AppSight patented Black Box technology monitors application execution and captures a synchronized record of user activity, configuration, and code execution in real time.

The asl file contains log from console.

Open asl file with:


Applications activity tracing software

.asl file type #3: Quest Adventure game data

An asl file extension is related to the Quest Adventure Game, development software. An asl file contains game data.

Further details

The asl file extension is associated with the Quest Adventure Game (also known as Quest) a development tool, which allows users to create text adventure games, available for Microsoft Windows.

The asl file stores game data.

Open asl file with:

Quest Adventure Game

An application used to create text adventure computer games

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