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BNK files: what are they and how do I open them?

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.bnk file type #1: Video file compressed using BINK format

Videos encoded using the RAD Tools may also be found as files with a bnk file extension.

Further details:

BNK file is a video file format used by RAD Game Tools' Bink Video compression software.

Bink is a proprietary video file format that is used in many video games for its high-quality video playback and low CPU usage. The BNK file format is used to store these compressed video files. It is often used for in-game cutscenes or video sequences.

Open file with:

The RAD Video Tools icon

The RAD Video Tools

Set of tools and codecs for creating of Bink and Smacker files

.bnk file type #2: Adlib instrument audio bank

Files with bnk file extension might be typically found as various sound files - audio instrument banks.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is typically used for various instrument bank audio files that contain saved FM synthesis instruments for Adlib sound cards. 

Same extension is also used for several audio formats recorded using Yamaha DX family (DX21 / DX27 / DX100 / DX11 / TX81z). Voice SysEx dumps.

Open file with:

Awave Studio icon

Awave Studio

Audio editting software with huge format support

.bnk file type #3: ExamView question bank

Files with bnk extension might also be found as question banks for Exam View software.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is also used for one of the files in ExamView, an assessment-and-content software  that provides topic-aligned content and seamlessly integrates with Response and CPS for immediate student performance feedback.

This particular type of bnk file contains saved question bank used in ExamView v.6.x or later and QuizShow v.2.x or later.

The questions in these samplers represent a small cross-section of each subject and grade level of the Learning Series products.

Open file with:


Line of education and assessment software

.bnk file type #4: F1 2015 audio

A bnk file extension is related to the F1 2015 video game. A bnk file contains audio data.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is related to the F1 2015, a Formula 1 racing video game from Codemasters, available for PC, Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 consoles.

The bnk file contains sound data for F1 2015 game.

Open file with:

F1 2015 icon

F1 2015

Formula 1 simulation video game

DiRT Rally icon

DiRT Rally

Racing simulation video game

.bnk file type #5: SimCity game data

Files with bnk file extension might also be found as game files from old SimCity for MS-DOS computer game.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is associated with computer game SimCity, very popular strategy game, created by Maxis (acquired by Electronic Arts) in 1989 for PC MS-DOS platform and Amiga computers.

SimCity has many continues the last is called SimCity Societies.

The bnk file contains game data.

Open file with:


A legendary city-building simulation from Maxis

.bnk file type #6: Spotify playlist

A bnk file extension is related to the Spotify streaming service. A bnk file contains playlist.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is associated with the Spotify, a music streaming service and software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (macOS), Linux and smart phones.

The bnk file stores playlist with audio tracks.

Open file with:

Spotify icon


An on-line music streaming service and multimedia platform

.bnk file type #7: Test Drive Unlimited game data

Files with bnk file extension may also be found as data packs from Test Drive Unlimited computer game.

Further details:

The bnk file extension is also related to Test Drive Unlimited computer game and used for one of its game data file types. Probably contains data used by the program, like maps, models, videos and such.

Open file with:

Test Drive Unlimited icon

Test Drive Unlimited

An open-world arcade-style racing game

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