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List of file extension entries starting with the letter m (page 14)

  • .mye MYOB data file
  • .myfourwalls MyFourWalls room model
  • .myh myHouse project
  • .myi MySQL database index
  • .mylic MySpeed license key
  • .myo MYOB data
  • .myob MYOB data
  • .myox MYOB data backup
  • .myp Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning game data
  • .myr Myriad music sheet
  • .mys Myst saved game file
  • .mysql MySQL data
  • .mysqli MySQL Native Driver for PHP data
  • .myv Vivaldi Studio score file
  • .myw MyWorld Education drawing
  • .mz Mozart compressed data
  • .mz2 maze-solver MZ2 data
  • .mz5 Poser material binary data
  • .mzb MegaZeux board data
  • .mzd Mootzoid plugin
  • .mze Maze Creator data
  • .mzf MediaZip archive
  • .mzip Cisco IOS MZIP compressed image
  • .mzp Autodesk 3D Studio Max MAXScript zip package
  • .mzt MOZART template
  • .mzv Viewpoint Media Player zoomview titles
  • .mzx MegaZeux data
  • .mzz Microsoft .NET Framework installation package
  • .m_p Pro/ENGINEER temporary data

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the computer file name, so for example document-name.pdf has file extension „pdf“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

We can help you to open your file

Our database contains a huge list of different file extensions, usually with detailed description and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with that particular file type.

Only original software

Every software listed in our database is verified and ve provide link to the developer or to the software own website, which should hopefuly be enough for you to download the most recent version of the program.