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List of file extension entries starting with the letter u (page 4)

  • .usz Stardock WindowBlinds SkinStudio data
  • .ut2 Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 map
  • .ut2link Unreal Tournament 2004 game data
  • .ut2mod Unreal Tournament 2003 MOD installation package
  • .ut3 Unreal Tournament 3 map
  • .ut4mod Unreal Tournament 2004 MOD installation package file
  • .utb Microsoft Flight Simulator X traffic data
  • .utc BioWare Aurora game engine creature data
  • .utd BioWare Aurora game engine door data
  • .ute BioWare Aurora game engine encounter data
  • .utf AOL update data
  • .utf8 Unicode UTF-8 encoded text
  • .uti Spybot - Search & Destroy includes
  • .utl QuickBooks accounting data
  • .utm BioWare Aurora game engine store data
  • .utp BioWare Aurora game engine placeable object file
  • .utpart µTorrent unfinished download
  • .uts Spybot - Search & Destroy include data
  • .utt BioWare Aurora engine trigger file
  • .utw BioWare Aurora engine waypoint
  • .utx Unreal texture
  • .utxt Unicode text
  • .utz Symbian OS user interface theme
  • .uu Uuencoded (compressed) file archive (ascii)
  • .uud UUDecoded file
  • .uue UUEncoded data
  • .uum Minuum Keyboard backup
  • .uus Ultra Utility skin
  • .uux Compressed archive
  • .uv2 Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 game data
  • .uvcab UVScreenCamera films
  • .uvd Yamaha Tyros4 audio data
  • .uvf Uncertain value format
  • .uvi Yamaha Tyros4 custom voice
  • .uvkbk Ultra Virus Killer backup information
  • .uvkey Ultra Virus Killer license
  • .uvksr Ultra Virus Killer system repair settings
  • .uvn Yamaha Tyros audio
  • .uvnts UVScreenCamera notes
  • .uvo Sanyo Katana DLX voice memo file
  • .uvopt µVision project options
  • .uvoptx µVision configuration
  • .uvp Ulead MediaStudio data
  • .uvprjx µVision project
  • .uvproj µVision4 project
  • .uvprojx µVision project
  • .uvr UVR mesh data
  • .uvs UVScreenCamera segments
  • .uvu Movie Maker video data
  • .uvw 3D Studio MAX UVW coordinates
  • .uvx Unreal Tournament 2003 saved game
  • .uvz DECE ZIP compressed data
  • .uw Unsigned word (16-bit) music
  • .uwf UltraTracker WaveSample music
  • .uwl Novell GroupWise user word list
  • .uxdc Microsoft Excel data retrieval service connection file
  • .uxf UMLet UML eXchange format
  • .uxx Unreal Tournament 2003 cache
  • .uxy Barudan embroidery outline data
  • .uxz IBM Flex CMM update data
  • .uyvy YUV 16-bit image format
  • .uz2 Unreal Tournament compressed file
  • .uze UltimateZip compressed archive
  • .uzed Family Tree Builder compressed Unicode GEDCOM data
  • .uzip FreeBSD compressed disk image
  • .uzy Backdoor.Sokacaps data

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the computer file name, so for example document-name.pdf has file extension „pdf“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

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Our database contains a huge list of different file extensions, usually with detailed description and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with that particular file type.

Only original software

Every software listed in our database is verified and ve provide link to the developer or to the software own website, which should hopefuly be enough for you to download the most recent version of the program.