Open gdb file

Did your computer fail to open gdb file? We explain what gdb files are and recommend software that we know can open your gdb files.

What is gdb file?

Files with gdb file extension can be mainly found as databases in InterBase format. Used by many programs.

gdb file description

The gdb file extension is related to database files that were originally used by InterBase database management system. The extension was also adopted in early versions of Firebird, but as both systems got more and more different with each versions, Firebird databases now have FDB extensions instead.

Both database systems were most likely licensed to other companies, so the format can be found in other programs as well. In most cases however, this files wont be compatible with each other.

Software that will open gdb file


A relational database system for enterprise server applications

Other gdb file extensions

gdb - ACT! group data

A gdb file extension is related to the ACT! and used for its group data.

gdb - ArcGIS geodatabase

A gdb file extension is related to the ArcGIS, a GIS software for Microsoft Windows. A gdb file stores geodatabase.

gdb - Garmin MapSource GPS waypoint database

Files with gdb extension can be often encountered as databases of map waypoints in Garmin GPS and navigation devices.

gdb - GroupMail data

A gdb file extension is related to the GroupMail program and used for its data files.

gdb - SmartWare business graph

A gdb file extension is related to the SmartWare programming platform. A gdb file stores graph.

gdb - Star Trek Elite Force II info file

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the file name, so for example filename.mp3 has file extension „mp3“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

We can help you to open your file

Our database contains a huge list of different file extensions, usually with detailed description and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with that particular file type.

Only original software

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