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.stl file type #1: STL 3D print file

STL files are stereolithography files used for 3D printing. Many CAD programs use this format to output models and prototypes that can be 3D-printed.

Further details:

STL is a file format popular for  stereolithography aka 3D printing.

It is widely used for rapid prototyping, 3D printing and computer-aided manufacturing. STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes.

The STL format specifies both ASCII and binary representations. Binary files are more common, since they are more compact.

Open file with:

TurboCAD icon


A family of 2D/3D CAD software products for Windows

TurboCAD for Mac icon

TurboCAD for Mac

A 2D/3D CAD software for OS X

Rapidform Explorer (Geomagic Verify Viewer)

A free viewer of Rapidform and 3D scanner formats


A 3D CAM software package for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing


A medical image segmentation software


A mechanical CAD software


A CAD/CAM sofware for woodworking industry

SketchUp STL

Extension for SketchUp tool for importing and exporting *.stl files

ACE 3000

A CAD and Gerber conversion software

IronCAD icon


A 3D modelling application

.stl file type #2: Adobe Fireworks style library

An stl file extension is related to the Adobe Fireworks, a picture editing software and used for its style libraries.

Further details:

The stl file extension is associated with the Adobe Fireworks a bitmap and vector based pictures editing software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

The stl file stores style library.

Adobe Fireworks is obsolete product.

Open file with:

Adobe Fireworks icon

Adobe Fireworks

Image editor used for web design from Adobe

Adobe Fireworks for Mac icon

Adobe Fireworks for Mac

Mac version of Adobe's popular image editor

.stl file type #3: C++ standard template library

An stl file extension is related to the Microsoft Visual C++ IDE for C/C++ programming language. An stl file stores C++ standard template library.

Further details:

The stl file extension is associated with the Microsoft Visual C++, an integrated development environment for apps developed in C/C++ programming language.

The .stl file contains standard template library.

Open file with:

Visual C++ icon

Visual C++

IDE for C and C++ programming language

.stl file type #4: ClarisWorks data

An stl file extension is related to the ClarisWorks office suite and used for its data files.

Further details:

The stl file extension is associated with the ClarisWorks (AppleWorks) an office suite for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems. The .stl file stores various data used for internal purposes of the ClarisWorks.

ClarisWorks is obsolete product.

Open file with:

ClarisWorks icon


Old Office suite mainly for Mac

.stl file type #5: EBU-standard open and teletext

Files with stl file extension might also be found as part of SoftNI software solutions. EBU-standard related file.

Further details:

The stl file extension is also used for EBU-standard open and teletext file format. Used in SoftNI solutions. No further information could be found.

Subtitler Suite is subtitling solution for Microsoft Windows.

Open file with:

SoftNI Subtitler Suite

A multipurpose subtitling and captioning solution for HD & SD

.stl file type #6: Micrografx Designer stylesheet

An stl file extension is related to the Micrografx Designer and iGrafx Designer. An stl file is used to store stylesheet.

Further details:

The stl file extension was used by Micrografx Designer.

Micrografx was acquired by Corel. The STL file format is now probably used by iGrafx Designer.

The stl files contain style sheets.

Open file with:

iGrafx Designer

An old vector-based drawing software

Micrografx Designer

An old software for creation of engineering drawings

.stl file type #7: ROSE Online game data

Files with stl file extension can also be found as game resource data packs for ROSE Online MMORPG computer game.

Further details:

The stl file extension is also associated with the Korean MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) game for Microsoft Windows called ROSE Online.

This type of stl file stores various game data for ROSE Online.

Open file with:

ROSE Online icon

ROSE Online


.stl file type #8: SPEFO stellar spectra analysis

An stl file extension is associated with the SPEFO and used for its stellar spectra analysis files.

Further details:

The stl file extension is associated with the SPEFO (A Simple, Yet Powerful Program for One-Dimensional Spectra Processing) for MS-DOS operating system.

The stl file stores spectra analysis file is used by SPEFO.

Open file with:


A program for processing stellar spectra

.stl file type #9: Win2020 screen subtitle

Files with stl file extension can also be possibly found as old subtitles saved in Win2020 format.

Further details:

The stl file extension is also related to the Win2020 a screen subtitling systems application for Microsoft Windows operating system. This type of .stl file stores screen subtitles.

The Win2020 seems to be obsolete product without support from developer.

Open file with:


An online converter for subtitles


A subtitle editor

Swift Create

A subtitling software

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