Open TAP file

The most commonly used .tap file type: ZX Spectrum tape image

How to open tap files?

tap file icon Have you had trouble opening the tap file on your computer? What are tap files? We explain what they are and recommend software that we know will open them.

What is tap file?

Tap files can be often found as old copies or images of tapes for the ZX Spectrum computers by Sinclair Research.

More information about tap files: ZX Spectrum tape image

TAP file represent a digital image of a cassette tape for the ZX Spectrum, a home computer released in the UK in the 1980s.

TAP format contains an exact copy of the data on the original cassette, including the software or games that were stored on it. This file format is commonly used in ZX Spectrum emulators, allowing users to play old Spectrum games on modern computers.

Suggested software to open tap file


A portable emulator of ZX Spectrum

Other TAP file name extensions using the same .tap suffix

.tap - Geopath editor data

Files with tap file extension can also be found as editor files from Geopath CAD/CAM software.

Open tap file with software: Geopath

.tap - Happy embroidery design

Files with tap file extension may also be found as embroidery designs for the Happy stitching and sewing machines.

Open tap file with software: Embird Embroidery Software QuiltCAD Embroidermodder 2 Convert It, Mac SewWhat-Pro

.tap - Tap Tap Revenge tap file

Open tap file with software: Tap Tap Revenge

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