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The most commonly used .tgz file type: Gzip compressed TAR archive

What is tgz file? Understanding and opening tgz files

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.tgz file type #1: Gzip compressed TAR archive

Files with tgz extension are Gzip compressed TAR archives which are commonly found on Unix-based operating system.

Further details

File extension tgz is most likely best known for its use for one of the variant of common compressed archive formats on Unix/Linux operating systems - TAR archive format.

Original TAR archives featured no compression, but this changed with the advent of compression formats, such as Gzip.

A .tgz file is basically a TAR archive that has been further compressed by Gzip.

Some alternatives of this technique may also use use taz or gz file suffixes but they are the same.

MIME types:

Open tgz file with:

Gzip icon


A file compression utility for Unix

TAR icon


TAR file archiver for Unix

.tgz file type #2: Drobo application package

A tgz file extension is related to the Drobo, a family of NAS products. A tgz file stores application package.

Further details

The tgz file extension is associated with the Drobo a family of NAS (network attached storage) devices developed by Drobo, Inc.

The tgz file stores application package that can be installed to NAS via Drobo Dashboard.

Open tgz file with:

Drobo Dashboard

A program used to manage and configure Drobos NAS

.tgz file type #3: Package for ODB++ Printed Circuit Board

Files bearing the tgz extension may also be found as PCB packages in the ODB++ format.

Further details

A tgz file - ODB++ PCB package is a compressed file format that contains the ODB++ data for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

ODB++ is a manufacturing-oriented PCB data format that includes all the necessary data for manufacturing, inspection, and testing in a single directory structure. It is widely used in the electronics industry for sharing PCB designs between designers and manufacturers.

The tgz file is a compressed version of this data, making it easier to share and transfer. The ".tgz" extension indicates that the file has been compressed using GNU zip (gzip) software.

Open tgz file with:

Altium Designer icon

Altium Designer

A PCB and FPGA design software

Proteus Design Suite icon

Proteus Design Suite

A PCB designing tool

EAGLE Layout Editor icon

EAGLE Layout Editor

High quality PCB design software

OrCAD PCB Designer icon

OrCAD PCB Designer

A modeling suite used to design printed circuit boards


A gerber converter

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