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The most common choise: WAVe PCM sound

How to open WAVe PCM sound .wave files

wave file icon Have you had trouble opening the wave file on your computer? What are wave files? We explain what they are and recommend software that we know will open them.

What is wave file?

A wave file extension is related to Wave Form Audio (WAV) container file format used to store sounds as waveforms.

WAVe PCM sound description

Windows uses the Wave Form Audio (WAV) file format to store sounds as waveforms. One minute of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)-encoded sound can occupy as little as 644 kilobytes (KB) or as much as 27 megabytes (MB) of storage. This size of the storage space depends on the sampling frequency, the type of sound (mono or stereo), and the number of bits that are used for the sample.

Similar to the AVI and ASF format, WAV is only a file container. Audio content that is compressed with a wide variety of codecs and that is stored in a .wav file can be played back in Windows Media Player if the appropriate codecs are installed on the computer. The most common audio codecs that are used in .wav files include Microsoft Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (MS ADPCM) and uncompressed Pulse Code Modulation (PCM).

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Suggested software to open wave file

Guitar Pro for Mac

Mac version of the popular tablature editor

Microsoft Windows Media Player

The default multimedia player from Microsoft Windows

Cyberlink PowerDirector

Suite of tools for video editing


An audio compression utility

ABC Amber NBU Converter

A converter utility for NBU backups


A ZVR to WAV converter

Guitar Pro

A multi-track editor and music composer for guitars


A music notation and transcription software


An audio recording and ripping tool


A video editing software for Windows

Articulate Presenter

A presentation software for transformation of PowerPoint presentations to Flash

Apple iTunes for Mac

Program used to organize and plays your digital music and video

Apple Logic Pro

A digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer program

Apple iTunes for Windows

Multimedia file manager and library for Apple users

Apple MainStage

Central Station of virtual instruments for Apple Logic Pro


A music creating and composing software


A media compression utility for Windows


A converter for old PSP multimedia files

Active ScreenSaver Builder

A tool for making Windows screen savers

Translator Professional

A professional instrument conversion program


A PDF sheet to music converter


A text-to-speech software


A set of tools for WavPack lossless audio compression codec

Nord Sample Editor

Tool for load your own WAV files into your Nord keyboard

Ableton Live

A program for writing, producing and performing music


Audio synthesizer for Windows

WAVE Xtractor

Audio extraction tool


An Audio tracker for Windows


A media player with song lyrics support


A program for fast editing of sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups

Harmony Assistant

A music composition and editing program

Icecream Media Converter

A multimedia converter


A dDrum and percussion sounds generator

FLAC Frontend

A simple frontend for flac compressor


A music notation software

Digital Voice Editor

A program for recording and editing voice messages by Sony

Helium Music Manager

A music library management program - renamed to Helium (version 12) and replaced in 2016

Nero Recode

A multimedia converting tool for Windows


A software synthesizer for Windows


A professional digital audio editor

What file extension actually is?

Simply put, file extensions are the characters after the dot in the computer file name, so for example document-name.pdf has file extension „pdf“. This helps Windows to identify which program should be used to open the file.

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