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List of file extension entries starting with the letter w (page 2)

  • .wav Standard PCM audio
  • .wavc Special ACM audio data
  • .wave WAVe PCM sound
  • .wave64 Sony Wave64 audio data
  • .wavm XWE data
  • .wax Windows Media Audio redirector
  • .wb FIFA 2000 game data
  • .wb? Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet file
  • .wb0 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
  • .wb1 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
  • .wb2 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
  • .wb3 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
  • .wb4 WindowBlinds default skin
  • .wba WindowBlinds Desktop visual style
  • .wbb WinBackup backup
  • .wbc Webshots collection image format
  • .wbcat Microsoft Windows backup information
  • .wbd MS Works database
  • .wbdb ANSYS Workbench data
  • .wbdp ANSYS Workbench project global data
  • .wbex ANSYS Workbench extension
  • .wbf Microsoft Windows batch file
  • .wbf1 Nintendo Wii loader backup
  • .wbfs Nintendo Wii backup file system data
  • .wbi Wii Backup Manager ISO image
  • .wbk Microsoft Word document saved backup
  • .wbl Argo WebLoad upload data
  • .wbm Wireless Bitmap image
  • .wbmp Wireless Bitmap image
  • .wbn WBNM flood hydrograph model file
  • .wbnk Music Composer instruments
  • .wbo DataFlex web business object
  • .wbp Webshots picture collection
  • .wbpj ANSYS Workbench project
  • .wbpz ANSYS update package
  • .wbr Crick WordBar file
  • .wbs Webshots screensaver
  • .wbt WinBatch script
  • .wbu Samsung PC Studio backup
  • .wbverify Microsoft Windows backup information
  • .wbx Webshots file format
  • .wbxml WAP binary XML data
  • .wbz Webshots image format
  • .wc Total Commander file tree info
  • .wcap Wireless Diagnostics captured packet
  • .wcat WinCatalog collection data
  • .wcb WinCDR data
  • .wcc Wincam 2000 cache
  • .wcd Corel WordPerfect macro token list
  • .wcf WebEx saved chat session
  • .wch Corel WordPerfect macro facility file
  • .wcinv Windows Meeting Space data
  • .wcinv-ms-p2p Windows Meeting Space data
  • .wck WaterCAD data
  • .wcl WellCAD log file
  • .wcm Microsoft Works communications script file
  • .wcmm Bamboo Dock application
  • .wcn Writer's CafĂ© notebook data
  • .wcp Corel WordPerfect product information file
  • .wcp_settings Alpha Five web project settings
  • .wcr Ergane configuration
  • .wcry WannaCry ransomware affected file
  • .wcs Astrometry data
  • .wcst Wirecast document
  • .wct WordCast project
  • .wcu CueCard saved flash cards
  • .wcx Total Commander plug-in
  • .wcxf WorldCard exchange format
  • .wcz Chameleon Clock wallpaper
  • .wd Corel PaintShop Photo Pro image
  • .wd0 WordExpress document
  • .wd1 WordExpress document
  • .wd2 Info Select database
  • .wd3 Offline Explorer directory index
  • .wda NetManage RUMBA configuration data
  • .wdb Database from Microsoft Works
  • .wdbn Microsoft World for Mac document file
  • .wdcd Word 5 for Mac custom dictionary
  • .wdd AutoCAD Electrical description list
  • .wdf Microsoft Windows Driver Foundation data
  • .wdgt Apple Mac OS X Dashboard widget
  • .wdgtproj Apple Dashcode project
  • .wdgx Wedge CAD document
  • .wdi WINDEV component description file
  • .wdic Word 5 for Mac plug-in
  • .wdk WINDEV component file
  • .wdl World definition language script
  • .wdm MS Visual Interdev98 templates web project items data
  • .wdn AutoCAD Electrical project-related data
  • .wdo WINDEV component list
  • .wdoc WriteOnline document
  • .wdp Windows Media HD Photo picture image
  • .wdproj Microsoft Visual Studio web deployment project file
  • .wdq WDQ Offline Explorer queue
  • .wdr Psion Series 3 printer driver
  • .wds WohnungsPlan 3D project
  • .wdseml Mozilla Thunderbird mail message file
  • .wdsheet WebDrive data
  • .wdslide WebDrive data
  • .wdsp WebDrive data

What is the meaning of a file extension?

File extensions are characters that appear after the dot in a computer file's name. For example, the file "unknown-file.wdsp" has the file extension "wdsp". This is used to identify which program should open the file or what file type it is.
File extensions help you organize and manage files. They provide a quick and easy way to identify and associate the file type with the appropriate software.

We can help you open your file

In our database, we have collected a huge number of different file extensions, detailed descriptions, and programs that can be used to open or otherwise work with the file extensions listed in our database.
This database is an invaluable resource for users who want to understand better file extensions and what they can do with them. It also allows users to know different file types with the same purpose.

Only verified software links are provided

We have verified every software listed in our database. The software listed in our database includes links to the developer's or software's website. These links should allow you to download the right program for each file type. Using verified software from reputable sources helps minimize the risk of malware and viruses infecting your computer.